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What if I told you that there is a practice that can transform you into the best version of yourself that is more fun than meditation, takes less time than therapy, is more cost-effective than coaching, and less intimidating than yoga…

This fun, efficient, deeply transformative practice is 


And it’s a very specific type of Sacred Feminine ceremony – no drugs –  that only a handful of people on the planet know how to hold. 

Lucky for you, I am one of those people.

And after years of transforming very slowly in my therapy and coaching practices, I finally experienced rapid growth and transformation – it was almost immediate when I sat in Ceremony with my mentor. Over the past 10 years, I have been immersing myself in the process, apprenticing & training and mastering my skills in this specific type of Sacred Feminine Ceremony, 

When you come into Ceremony, you will experience an almost automatic shift from identifying with your personality, or who you should be, into feeling the truth of your essence and your soul.

When you can fully hear your Soul, you have access to unlimited creativity, incredible bravery, and crystal clear vision about where you are meant to go.

As a person who deeply cares about stepping into the fullest potential of who I am and creating the most beautiful life for myself and my family, I highly value a modality that is this efficient, transformative, and also fun! 

Watching woman after woman sit in Ceremony with me and remembering who they actually are, and connecting with their unlimited source of creativity and confidence, humbles me every time.

What’s so important to understand is that even though Ceremony feels fringey and woo the truth is that for a millennia ceremony was as normal as going to school. Everyone was doing it! 

Two people fighting in the community?
Child having a behavioral problem?
Woman can’t find a lover?
Need to win a war? 
Need to heal after war?
Need to make more money?

And you know what? If I was trying to control the world, I would probably take away the thing that sourced everybody’s power too…

Why do you think they burned the witches and enslaved and killed indigenous people? Turned the high priestess, mother Mary, into a virginal Pius mother, and Mary Magdalene, who practiced ceremonial sex magic and anointing, and turned her into a whore?

Our oppressive culture has tried very hard to take Ceremony away from us. It’s time to bring it back.

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