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Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself from a few years ago and thought, “I look amazing! I can’t believe I thought I was fat.”  And you remember that time and how much pain you were in because of your body, and you wish you knew how beautiful you were?

And then you make the classic mistake and think: “I just need to get back to that weight and then I’ll be happy again.”

But guess what?  At some time, a few years from now, you are going to look at a picture of you RIGHT NOW and think, “I wish I knew how beautiful I was.”

Some future you is wishing, hoping for the body, the face, the thighs you have right now, and fantasizing about all the fun she’d have in this body.

I want you to take four minutes to watch this video.

After I watched this video, I realized that all of us eventually will wish we had enjoyed our body when we had the chance. To not hide, squeeze into Spanx or worry about what others think.

I don’t want you to run the risk of spending your whole life being uncomfortable in your body. How sad.  And losing weight isn’t the answer, it’s realizing how good you already have it.  It’s time to start living and enjoying your amazing body. Don’t wait until it’s too late.



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