Underwear with Confidence: A Reason to Splurge on Pretty Panties

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Most women don’t put a whole lot of thought into their underwear, especially if no one is getting in their pants. And when pretty panties do become a priority (like on Valentine’s Day) the soul motive is almost always to impress a date.

When we asked 3 women if adorning their lady parts with special undies was a part of their daily routine we heard everything from “Seems like a waste of money. No one’s… you know, going there” to “I should only have them if I were thinner” to “I really only wear lingerie on the weekends, wshen there’s a possibility of meeting a guy.” This felt all wrong. So, we decided to put them to the challenge with The 3-day Hanky Panky Project (as we’re calling it!).

We started The 3-day Hanky Panky Project by interviewing the lovely ladies participating. In the initial interview, all of the women reported feeling insecure about their bodies and said they hold back in their careers and love lives because of it. (Granted there were just 3 women in this completely unscientific study, but still!!) They felt the need to “cover up” and told us their favorite body parts were unassuming areas (like their neck, shoulders, knees and ears.)

We then told the ladies a little white lie. (They’ve since forgiven us!) We asked them to test the comfort and wear-ability of Hanky Panky underwear for 3 days. They were skeptical, but nevertheless jumped at the opportunity to get some free (and adorable) underwear. (Who wouldn’t?!)  All 3 ladies were then given a thong, a boy-short and a v-kini (courtesy of Hanky Panky!). They were asked to wear one for each of the next 3 days. What they didn’t know, though, was that we were actually curious to see whether wearing sexy underwear, just for you, can change the way you feel about your body and yourself. (Heck, we already knew they were beyond comfortable and wearable!)

3 days later the new sparkle in their eyes was tangible. They felt it too! Here’s what they said:

“I was shocked at the difference just three days made. I felt free! I felt my femininity come out to play because I had this secret underneath my clothes that no one else knew about. It made me feel powerful.”

“My sass and overall self-confidence has increased!  It was almost as if I had a secret that gave me special powers that no one else had or knew about.”

“I used to see things like underwear, accessories and make-up as just extra things… [but] it makes a difference in how you feel.  It’s not just vanity.”

In just 3 days, these women had changed the tone with which they spoke about their bodies. Rather than ridiculing and bullying their bodies (which they usually did because they thought that if they hated themselves enough, they will lose weight), they started talking about their bodies with love. These women had a newfound love for their butts, their sexy curves and the graceful sway of their hips.

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