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The prelude, part II (from Kelly)

I’ve been working with Sarah for almost two years now, managing the business and coming into my own work with joy and deep purpose and learning a lot about myself. 

I am a marketer who hates marketing. I’m a writer who would rather scribe in my journal than get creative about subject lines that get open rates or wordsmith-effective CTAs. 

I’m writing to you today to proclaim that I am sick of selling, so we’re just not going to do it anymore. 

Sarah and I work for the Goddess. And we’re here to offer experiences that bring you into connection with yourself (and with her) so that you can operate in this way too. Because it’s way more fulfilling, way more fun, and quite frankly it’s just the way it’s supposed to happen.

In two days, we are kicking off a new free offering for our larger community to experience the magic of the Sacred Feminine. It’s a Workshop that’s all about how to come into your own truth (especially the scary parts) and feel totally alive while you’re here on earth. We’re sick of aspirationally titled masterclasses and workshops so we are taking the vibe in a whole different direction. Those classes are a snooze fest to produce and everyone is doing the same thing. How many ways can one say “MANIFEST” anyway?

It is time for us, for all of us, to cut the bullshit. 

We’re here to make art, to create sacred space, to hold Ceremony and do ritual, to live out our Soul’s mission, and to have the best fucking time. 

Sarah and I get to work with thousands of women as they step off of the traditional paths that were laid out for them and into their Soul’s mission. And we feel thousands more of you peeking out from behind the trees, wondering if it’s time to come through the gate and see what’s happening over here.

We want to LOVE every second of inviting you to be part of this community.

And perhaps (selfishly?) more importantly, the truth is that I can’t (read: I won’t) write another sales email.

So here’s what we’re doing instead & why:

For the past few months, I’ve been coming into my own truth around what I’m really here to do. A big part of that discovery has been the practice of scribing. During my Sacred Start, inspired by Liz Gilbert’s letters from love, I started to prompt the Goddess to write to me, through me, as me. I know, it sounds weird but all the best things are weird 😏.

I usually start with something like… 

Dear Goddess, what would you have me know today? 

And more recently, I’ve expanded my writer to be God, to be Love, to be the Divine Masculine, to be the stars, to be Mary Magdalene, to be one of the 13 archetypes of the Goddess that we study in the Sacred Feminine and work with in Holy Woman Ceremonies. To be whoever it is that I want to hear from.

And here’s what’s wild – it works. Like… meaning, I get answers to the questions I ask via writing. They sound like me and unlike me. It’s so fucking cool. When prompted, when dropped into empty presence, and when committed to the practice of showing up to write… the messages come.

This is now my practice. It’s deeply sacred. It’s changing my life.

I am so aware of the divinity in me. Of the divinity in you. Of the divinity in everything.

Sarah’s been writing her book this way, too – and it’s similar to how she channels for Ceremony. It is one of the mysteries and joys of my life to read her writing and feel what’s similar and what’s different from the messages that I get. We hold this epic pendulum together. We can feel all of our community, all of you, in the suspended space between us. 

So here is the new plan. Instead of another round of traditional email invitations where we tell you if you feel x but you want to feel y all you have to do is z… we are going to prompt the Goddess to tell us what messages are ready to come through and who they are meant to land inside of. 

We’re going to scribe them in notebooks during our Sacred Starts, type them up, and we’re going to send them to you with a single link to sign up for this free Workshop at the very bottom and we’re not going to try to make it all flow cohesive or follow any type of format. We’re just going to show you what’s on our hearts and what is coming through and whether or not it resonates with you, it is going to be a mystery to create and a joy to send. That is literally the whole point. 

My sincerest hope is NOT that these transmissions entice you to come to the Workshop (you probably already know if you want to come or not and we haven’t even told you what it’s called). I honestly wish I cared more about that. Sarah probably does too lmao.

My sincerest hope is that we get something really sacred out of writing them (and reading them back because honestly, it’s not “us” writing them). And that you get something equally sacred out of reading them.

If you’re in for witnessing the mystery unfold, we will post these messages from now through the date of the Workshop. I have no idea who it will be from (Goddess? Wise Woman? God? Love itself?) and I have no idea who it will come through (Me? Sarah? Maybe even one of you. Mystery awaits). 

If you’re in for the ride, hold on tight.

Because we’re preparing to lean in and embrace ALL of the judgments, all of the fears, all of the doubts, and all of the weird, so that we can reclaim the truth of who we are.











There is only one thing I want you to know today. And it’s that a woman armed with ancient wisdom is unfuckwithable. 

And no one, not even the marketing experts, are fucking with us anymore.

More soon.


PS If the ONLY thing that comes out of you reading these messages is that you try scribing to yourself from the Goddess (or God or Love or whatever resonates with you) – that is more than enough. She’s ready to work through all of us. You just have to find your way.

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