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We don’t take nearly enough vacation. The excuses? It’s too expensive, we just started a new job, our kids are too young, I don’t have the time, I don’t need it (a staycation will be fine), who would I even go with, it’s too much effort…

And we wonder why we can’t get out of bed in the morning, bitch at our partners over stupid sh*t, hate our jobs, and have pinched flesh pouring out over our too-tight jeans.

Vacation is like crack for our soul and without it, our lives are flat and our stomachs… not so much.

I put a high value on vacation, so much so that it is one of the main reasons why I have my own business.  This summer I’ve designed things so I can take all of July and August off, just to hang out.  Some call it lazy, I call it smart.

A few months ago, Jonathan and I were planning a trip to Paris for this past week and realized, we were craving understanding our relatively new home, than exploring a foreign city.  Part of me was a bit bummed as going to Paris seems like the ultimate adventure full of surprises, glamour and excellent food.  Could we really get that experience in California?

Like all things in life I decided yes, if I deliberately created it.

So we set off on road trip to Los Angeles and back again all the while collecting experiences that were crack for our soul.

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photo (9)First stop: Los Angeles

Soul crack: LA was all about eating for us. We had long breakfasts by our friends pool, scrumptious lunches with wine followed by pink donuts, fun dinners with my brother and a 4 hour romantic dinner with Jonathan.  Did I gain some weight? Absolutely.  Do I care? hells the no. I chose to have a week of rich food and lots of wine so there’s no reason to be surprised or pissed at myself.  Now that I’m home eating copious amounts of kale, my body is slowly returning to normal.


photo (6)Second stop: Santa Barbara

Soul crack: Picnics. Need I say more?I think it’s important to have at least 1 picnic a week, I shoot for 3.  There’s nothing better than eating outside and enjoying a gorgeous view.  Plus it’s one of the few situation in which it’s totally ok to lie down.  In these pics Jonathan and I are tasting wine at Demetria, we came home with a case.  It was delicious.


photo (7)Third stop: Big Sur

Soul crack: Nature. The only way to explain the stretch of route 1 that goes through Big Sur is as ‘God’s version of the Taj Mahal’.  It is just the most jaw dropping, commanding, soul opening place.  The ocean was rough, the water a deep blue and the sun beaming.  Being in nature, anywhere, just helps me get back to what’s real and really matters.  It allows me to connect with who I actually am outside of my business, wardrobe and reputation.  It’s also a great excuse to not wear any make-up.


photo (3)Big Sur Homestead: An adorable tree house overlooking the pacific ocean.  A little bundle of bliss.


photo (8)Fourth Stop: Point Reyes

Soul Crack: Slow days. My favorite part of this leg of the trip was spending 3 hours eating lunch at the Cow Girl Creamery and then spending 2 hours in an old bookstore.  No agenda, no rushing, just go with the flow stillness. Jonathan perched himself in the kids section with his kindle, too adorable.


photo (10)Inverness Homestead: Manka’s Lodge

Soul Crack: Thoughtful luxury. I’m sorry, there’s just nothing like staying in a hotel where you feel like they did everything to make your stay special.  Tents, budget motels and airbnb haunts are great, but I have to say that I just feel so at home in thoughtful decor.  The sheets were the soft, the duvet was cozy flannel, they had kiehls products in the bathroom, the decor was cozy yet elegant, it had the cutest windows and a gourmet breakfast (everything locally sourced and homemade) was delivered to you in the morning.  The best part? Buns that just “jumped out of the oven” (according to the personal note that came with breakfast).  Life is better with little luxuries.

Now, I want you to tell us YOUR vacation tips and favorite trips in the comments below.


See you next week;)  xox


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