“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”


girls-bannerWhen Trump was elected, I felt so activated. Something snapped in me, and I finally got that no one was going to swoop in and fix all the things that piss me off while I hang out tending to my little business and doing my day to day life. Regardless of the politics, I am grateful for this wake-up call.

I witnessed this activation in so many people. A universal fire started erupting that everyone seemed to explain the same way: I feel so fired up, what are we going to do to change things? It’s up to us now.

President Obama reinforced this in last night’s speech when he said,

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

I’ve watched friends take on the tragedy in Aleppo, house refugees in their homes, adopt orphans, raise money for Planned Parenthood, work to end sex trafficking, the list goes on and on. What I am struck by is that this fire, mixed with what breaks people’s hearts has created incredible movement and change in so many different areas. Change that maybe couldn’t be mobilized from the top down even if they wanted to.  

Glennon Doyle Melton has been asking people, “what breaks your heart?” as a way to get to what you should be doing with your life.

What breaks my heart is women and girls hating their bodies and being consumed with the obsession of being accepted and loved based on what they look like.

I believe that when we are at war with our body, we can’t grow. When we are consumed with the stress, anxiety and shame of not looking pretty enough to be loved, there is no energy left to get fired up. When we are stuck in that spiral, we don’t get that we can create change. When most of our thoughts are consumed with shrinking, we don’t have space to think of creative solutions.  When we have no intrinsic self-worth, we can’t see how WE ARE THE CHANGE MAKERS.

So in November I raised $17,000 in a pay what you can campaign to help educate high school girls about their bodies. The very next day, I hosted the San Francisco premiere of Embrace, a movie about one woman’s journey to inspire everyone to embrace their bodies.

I was so moved by the film and how it really explained WHY we are so obsessed with what we look like (culture and the media) and the importance of taking care of your body in order to be healthy and feel great, and not to fit an ideal. I left wanting every person in the world to see this film and fantasized about getting the movie and a corresponding curriculum in the states.

So I reached out to the star and producer of the movie and founder of The Body Image movement, Taryn Brumfit, who lives in Australia with her three kids.

We connected instantly (she is so hilarious, loving and passionate) and it turns out, they already have a school curriculum to roll out in Australia, and they were just waiting for the funds and extra help to roll it out in the United States. BEAUTIFUL!

So we are now partnering with the Body Image Movement to bring this work into as many schools as possible. I AM SO PROUD OF US. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting this.

Now the work begins. Taryn and I are coming up with a strategy to roll it out so it is super easy for schools. Our donations will be going towards printed materials and communication to get the word out.

We need your help: If you would like to be an ambassador of this work at your local school, please just respond to this email and let us know you are interested. We will be getting back to you in the coming weeks with your marching orders.  

And if you would like to donate to this cause, I have opened the pay what you can for Live More Method for today only. You can donate and receive my Live More Method program here:

So my dear, now I want to ask you, are you so consumed with your body that you can’t feel your inner fire? If you are, I just need you to know that I get it. It’s painful and embarrassing and healing can feel so far away. But, the good news is that you are in the right place to get help because I am really good at helping women find peace with your body, in fact, it’s what I’m best at. So if you want help, just click here and it will send me a note to reach out to you privately and tell you how I can support you.   

In the comments below, I would love to know what YOU are fired up about and what your plan is to do something about it. I can’t wait to cheer you on and hold you accountable.


So much love,

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