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I wanted to drop you a quick note because with all of the amazing-ness going on in the Live More Weigh Less 28-Day Challenge on Facebook and Instagram, I am DYING to meet you in person!  Having an internet based company is great, but I am such a people person that having face-to-face time is critical for my sanity.  I’ve thought of some great ways for us to spend time together in person this fall, I hope you’ll accept my invitation:)…

1. Hang out with me and Nisha Moodley in Sonoma.  We’ve created an incredible weekend dedicated to you creating the lifestyle, body, relationship and career you’ve always wanted.  We’re going to be sleeping, dining and sipping wine in style.  The women who are joining us are top-notch and from all over the world.  I’d love for you to come with us.  We just have a dozen spots left and the deadline to RSVP is September 21st.  To get all the info and to RSVP visit

2. Party with me in NYC! I’m heading to Manhattan, my old home, for a few days at the end of September to get my ‘fall fix’ and see my ladies.  My dearest friend Nitika Chopra’s TV show,Naturally Beautiful (I know, so up our alley, right?) is premiering on Tuesday, September 24thand she’s having a rad party.  You’re invited! You just have to RSVP here. I’ll be there getting my party on and I’d love to see you.  Nitika has been dreaming about becoming a TV host since she was crawling.  She once admitted to me that she’d spend her free time as a girl mimicking Oprah and Ellen while she religiously watched their shows.  You know how much I love women whomake sh*t happen, and Niti is one of those! women.  Just being around her is inspirational. Don’t forget to RSVP!

3. Work with me in NYC.  On Wednesday, September 25th, I’m teaching a small group workshop with relationship expert, Kavita J Patel on relationships.  I rarely work with women in this kind of intimate set-up, and this is by far the cheapest way to work with me, so if you’re in the city, I would NOT miss it. We’re going to be talking about what to do if you don’t feel thin enough, beautiful enough, smart enough or rich enough to start dating and how to gain the confidence you need to get out there. We’re also going to be getting real about what it takes to maintain passion and intrigue in a long term relationship.  It’s going to be raw, intimate and change-making.  There are only a few spots left so sign up TODAY here:! m/workshop-series/.

It would be such a blast to squeeze you in person.  Make sure to shoot me an email if you’re going to come so I know to look for you.

Big hugs,


P.S. One thing I’ve been hearing from women a lot the past week since we started the challenge is “It’s just so amazing to connect with like-minded women!”  Amen! Coming to one of these events is another great way to meet women who really ‘get you’.  I met most of my friends through Nitika (she’s a cool chick magnet) and I know you’ll meet some soul-sisters if you join us.  You can RSVP for what you can make above.  xoxo

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