Welcome to Gemini season, let’s play ✨


Dear Gemini,

Will you tell me about play? And why I chose this as my mystery school?

(Dear Reader, in Shamanic astrology, our rising sign is the mystery school. We came to learn in this lifetime. if you’re interested in learning more about your birth chart, we teach all about this in Holy Woman.)

Dear Sarah,

HIIIII!!! Omg I am so excited to CHAT! Ok ok ok… here’s the deal. Fun and play are the most important medicine. The Goddess created bodies to be receptors for joy. Every neuron, every cell, every light point on the body, every sense, every pore on the surface of our skin is just waiting to be touched by joy.

And we’re all built so differently, so that we crave a certain tenor, vibration, flavor of joy. When we pull in joy, when we move towards it, the Universe will respond with symphonies, or in your case, full-blown musicals, of joy to infuse the whole world with this incredible weave. If you are awake to it, you can begin to see all the ways the universe wants to play WITH you. 

I know you often feel like no one wants to come to your party, but we are sending you invitations to OUR party all the time and you don’t always RSVP.

We really, really want you to come. There’s a party in the woods, there’s a party in your lake, there’s a party in your new house. And all you have to do is show up.

Why do you think you were guided to build this house? It’s so you can have fun creating and decorating it. Why do you think you’ve been guided to gather women? It’s because life is so much better when we are together. Why do you think your children chose you? Because they need to play and sing and dance more than anyone. 

It’s all art.

You see, you and so many women here have been tasked with gathering together to create a new world. The creativity only comes from play. Creation: aka making something out of nothing only happens when we allow the visions to come in from the great unknown, and we choose to capture them with our paint brushes.

There are times to be serious, we are all acutely aware of that right now. There are times when we have to call in as much power and stoic energy as we can, and put on our armor and ride swiftly into battle.

But the other wing of the bird is to let all of that go, to put it down to tap into the play that was planted in your soul when you came in.

What are the seeds I put in you, you ask?

Song and dance song and dance song and dance. Yes I need to repeat myself because you are not listening, Sarah.

Why did you stop? Because it feels silly? Because it seems like a waste of time? Because it feels lame?

Let’s talk about it.

You’ve always wanted to feel older. You’ve always wanted to fit in because it is true that you are wise beyond your years. But wisdom is not serious. The wise woman is the trickster. Do not confuse age and wisdom and maturity with seriousness.

Remember what she told you? The wise woman isn’t old she is ageless. 

You are here to be ageless. And to remind everyone that they are ageless too.

Why do you think so many people are changing their faces to look younger? They just miss play. They long to be creative to feel carefree, to not have responsibilities, or to hold it all together all the time, but a smooth forehead and perky cheeks will never satisfy that hunger.

I know you think it is uncool to be playful, and many people will see your flavor of fun as lame and uncool, but this is one of your fires to stand in.

You are a total ham, Sarah. Ham it up. Play Disney songs, blast Taylor Swift, dance like an idiot, sing at the top of your lungs. Let them squirm. It’s just too scary to put down the responsibility that comes with being an adult sometimes. 

But you have to practice putting it down my love. Because that is the first gate – surrender. Trusting me enough to hold it for you when you need a break – which is way more often than you think it is.

This is the cycle: play in order to open up to a new idea. Sit with it, enjoy it, play it out, and relish its potential. Then bring it into material form. Enjoy that process. Play amazing music. Wear a great outfit. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks. And once it is made, you will need to show it to people. This is the hard part because the world will not always get what you have created and this is why you must know that the real gift has been to be the birther and the artist of it. And if this thing you have made is misunderstood, you must stand by it. If this thing you have made is bullied, you must protect it. And if this thing you have made needs to evolve as it grows, then you must change it, and be brave enough to do that.

And then when it is done, you must know. And you will sit by its side while it takes its last breath, and hold its hand as it crosses over to the other side. But that thing you made will always be with you. 

Can’t you see that it has been creating you as much as you created it? 

And then you’ll rest and grieve until you are ready to play again.

Over and over and over.



PS. It’s Gemini Season, and we have the Gemini New Moon this Thursday. I am preparing a potent and FUN ceremony inside of Holy Woman.

Holy Woman enrollment is open until Wednesday night, June 5th and then we are closing it for a while so that this summer cohort can really play together.

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