Please join Sarah Jenks & Kelly Taveras for

Sacred at Work: A Business Luncheon for Spiritual Women

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Being a spiritual woman in the normal world is a big assignment.

Whether you are a physician, lawyer, teacher, marketer manager, CEO, consultant, store owner, designer, or business owner, you probably feel like you’re the only one like you, and most of the time like you’re banging your head against the wall.

If you feel like your spiritual life and your work life are totally separate and must stay that way for you to be successful… you are not alone. And there is another way — one that is actually way more impactful than you might imagine. 

If you’re blazing new trails in your career and you want to do it using the tools of the Sacred Feminine — either within the organization you currently work in or wayyy outside of a traditionally structured career path… this luncheon is for you.

Join us to talk about how to bring the Sacred into our work, how to use Sacred Feminine principles in leadership, management, and financial strategies, and how to be open about who we really are with people we don’t think “get it”.

We would love to have you at this luncheon if you have an inner knowing that you’re meant for more. Maybe you know there’s something more, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is or how to take the right next step. Or maybe you do actually know exactly what it is, but you’re scared.  

We don’t believe you have to choose between having a deeply sacred meaningful life and being “successful.” And we don’t believe that keeping who you really are separate from how you show up in your work, is the way forward.

In fact, we believe that the more spiritual women we have in every industry, the faster the world is going to heal.

Although I (Sarah) set off to be an entrepreneur at an early age, I grew up around traditionally successful people, and I am married to a physician. I can’t tell you how often people call me before they go into a board meeting or outside of the O.R. to drop into the Sacred so they can go save a life or change the world. I also have the great honor of working intimately with scientists, consultants, artists, medical professionals, CEOs, investors, non-profit leaders, and entrepreneurs across traditional & non-traditional industries.

Sacred women are everywhere. We just need to stop hiding it.

Beyond the boardroom, I believe that women doing spiritual work deserve to be as well respected and well-paid as physicians, doctors, and lawyers. This is why I brought the most brilliant strategist and marketer I’ve ever met 18 months ago to turn my solopreneur business into a company. After a 10-year career as the head of communications for the Organic Trade Association, and marketing consultant to the Organic Food Industry, Kelly took a massive risk to work with a Priestess 😳. Since then we have 3X our company and we have a lot to share about the process. 

We rarely share about how we run our company behind the scenes and we’re excited to talk about it in this intimate setting. If you have questions for us, bring them! 

So whether you are changing a company or an industry from the inside out, or setting out to bring more respect and business acumen to an industry that often gets overlooked, we’d love for you to watch.

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We’ll spend the lunch hour together talking about how you can bring your Sacred work forward in your career (and make a massive impact) – and then Kelly and I will spend 15-30 minutes talking about The Council, our mastermind and intimate mentorship program. The Council is like a sacred Ceremonial incubator for trailblazing work (and we strongly believe that no one should bushwhack alone 😅).

Whether or not you are interested in working with us in this way, we’re confident that this call will be a lunch hour well spent for Sacred Women across all industries.

We can’t wait to have this conversation.

About Sarah Jenks, OP

Sarah was a Priestess Apprentice in the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 10 years and was Ordained a Priestess in Summer ‘22.

Sarah’s personal sacred practice weaves together the mysteries of Ancient Avalon, Earth-based practices of her Celtic and Germanic ancestry, the Feminine Path of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian practices of Anointing. Sarah thought she was destined to have an “in the box” life after going to a top college, working in advertising, and then creating a successful weight loss company.

One day she walked into her therapist’s office where the remnants of a sacred circle from the night before were strewn on the living room floor. She had a full body “Remembering” of being in ceremony. Since that day she’s been devoted to her own sacred practice and Temple skills and has devoted her life to creating spaces for women to have their own remembering and normalizing the presence of the Sacred Feminine in our culture.