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You may be thinking I’m gonna throw some BMI calculation at you… if that’s the case, we don’t know each other well enough yet;).

Women spend a lot of time thinking about how they want to look or how they “should” look.

If I’m being honest with you, part of me would love to be a size 2. I could wear large drapey sweaters a la sexy art teacher/librarian and look like a Top Shop model instead of something a little less “fashionable”.

When I think about why I want to be size 2 it’s because I’ve attached the size with being fun, carefree, and feeling gorgeous and sexy all the time.

But as you probably know, I’ve worked hard to feel that way regardless of my size, and I teach women how to do the same.

And here’s why this is important:

What you want to look like and your ideal body weight are probably different. Most people’s ideal body weight, their constitution, is 10-15 pounds heavier than what they want, and that’s cool.

You see, most people think that having no fat on them is “normal” or the way they are supposed to be.  But the reality is that women are built to have some padding.  What makes us curvy, busty, soft and womanly… what makes us beautiful, is fat!

What if you’re dying to be a size 10, but in fact your body’s healthiest state is a size 14? Your issue may not be that you don’t have enough willpower, it may just be that you need to recognize what’s right in front of you is perfect. Tweet it.

Here’s how to know what your ideal weight is (no scale required):

We will naturally move to our ideal weight when we eat only when we’re hungry (not every time we want food), eat the foods our body is craving when we’re hungry (if you’re really tuned in, it’s never cookies or chips) and to stop eating when we feel satisfied (not full).  And then I believe that we have to have a healthy dose of the best wine, chocolate, bread and cheese around on special occasions (because if we eat it all the time, we’ll feel sick).

And when you eat in a way that is sustainable, comfortable and feels easy, you can maintain that way of eating and your weight for the rest of your life.

Now, this way of eating can be a struggle to master, especially for those of us who are emotional eaters, but that’s why I’ve created a whole business around helping women heal what’s underneath their eating habits so they can start to have this specific relationship with food.

Sure, if I really wanted to be a size two I could eat only vegetables and never have a glass of wine again, but eating that way isn’t natural for me, and if being a certain size means constantly restricting myself, I’m not into it.

Now, you may feel like you need to lose some weight to feel healthy and comfortable in your body, but I want you to really think about the difference between what you feel like you “should” look like based on our culture, pressure or standards, and what your ideal body weight is. I’m hoping you’ll see that you may not be as far off as you thought.

So here’s what I want you to do this week.

1. Think about the feeling you’re attaching to weight, and start embodying those feeling now.

2. Tune into your body and ask what her ideal weight is

3. Eat in a way that’s sustainable for the rest of your life, not just a 2-week “quick-fix”.

And in the comments below I want you to tell me what you think about this idea of “ideal” weight and what steps you’re going to take to embrace it.

Can’t wait to chat!


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