5 Step Planning Ritual To Set Intentions and Manifest Your Best Year Yet

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Happy first Moonday of 2023!

Many of us are thinking about our goals and plans for the future this week. And, some of you may be totally uninterested in planning the New Year because you’re already overwhelmed with a long list of things to do, and one more thing feels like one thing too much. 

I feel you, and I hold space for both.

Here’s the thing… no matter what you’re calling in for yourself in 2023 – you’re going to need to carve out that time and space to be intentional about it. You’re going to need a plan for how you will tend to your own thriving. And most importantly, you’re going to need to set aside some time to decide how you’re showing up as your highest self in the new year.

Strategy and planning can feel exhilarating for some (hi! That’s me!), and daunting for others (ok fine, also me!). No matter where you fall on this spectrum, I promise you’ll enjoy the planning process so much more if you intentionally wrap it in Sacred energy. Because planning IS important. And, we get to make the process one that we LOVE.

Creating a sacred New Year ritual can be a powerful way to set your intentions and manifest your goals for the coming year (no matter how big, or simple those goals are). I first shared my New Years intention setting process in 2015 and am refreshing and sharing it again because I use the same process and advice every year. I’m so excited to share this tried and true method to craft an extraordinary year.

Each year I sit down with some of the most successful and creative women I know to craft the next year – in fact I am gathering with my friends in the Temple for this today. I LOVE doing this process, and if it’s in your joy to do the same, I want to walk you through my sacred New Year planning ritual that has yielded huge emotional, spiritual and financial growth in my life so you can have an incredible 2023.

Click here for my 5 Step Planning Ritual to Set Intentions and Manifest Your Best Year Yet 

I’d love to know how your sacred New Year ritual goes, and how I can help. Shoot me a note if you need any support. 



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