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I’m having a love affair with Miami. There’s something so magical happening there… the way people are devoted to their bodies… the way they express themselves in what they wear… the creativity pouring out of every space… it’s so EXTRA.

It’s so feminine.

Boston, where I live, is very masculine.

It’s heady, intelligent, deeply inspiring, perhaps rigid at times, and quite honestly, the opposite of Miami.

So I’ve been wondering why I live here, as I am so devoted to cultivating my feminine?

I’ve been asking Source daily, why? why? why? And here’s where I’ve landed: I’m here in New England to bring medicine. I’m here to cultivate a feminine energy in a masculine culture. I’m here to chisel away at the thick walls so many women wear to fit in in a rigid world. To bring some warm, juicy liquidity to melt icy exteriors.

I am an emissary. You may be an emissary too where you live, or where you work, or in your friend group. Sometimes feeling like you don’t belong means you are here ground a new paradigm. But we must cultivate our medicine by soaking in environments where it is abundant and easy, and then stand boldy in it around people who may look at us like we’re crazy. This is the work of being a rule breaker, a sacred revolutionary.

Keep an eye out for more medicinal, feminine experiences at Hawthorn Farm… ❤️❤️

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