A sacred brag on how great my marriage is right now

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I was talking to a dear friend of mine the other day and she said, “ do you want some business advice?”


“I see you talking a lot on social media and in your emails about how terrible your marriage used to be but I don’t always hear about how great it is now I think you should share more about that.”

The truth is that I have a hard time bragging about my marriage because I still hold some conditioning that by sharing what’s great I will be judged by other women who are unhappy in their marriages. And then of course that bragging is rude.

But I also know as a priestess that when we unapologetically share the true frequency of our fullest expression and what we have created in our lives as a result it can really change the course of someone’s life.

So I want to take a minute if you desire to read any further, to share about the vacation that Jonathan and I had in Tulum as an example of how incredible things are with us right now.

Last week Jonathan and I spent four nights and three full days in Tulum Mexico.

On the first morning, I woke up to Jonathan making me coffee and bringing it to me in bed. He then invited me to do a medicine ceremony with him on the beach at sunrise.

He led me in a Hapé ceremony (sacred tobacco) and held space for me in my process. He held timelines for meals and chose where and when we would eat (I of course could veto but I am a woman who really loves to be led). Our days were filled with him asking me deep questions about my Soul’s path. We had incredible sex twice a day. We explored his next steps in his life and he released what was holding him back, and committed to growing even more. He arranged soul clearings for each of us with a local healer and we each cleared many of our past lives and explored our past lives together.

On the vacation, I initiated him onto the path of the Way of Love, The lineage held by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I presented him with the oil that he will carry and we made a sacred blend of our two oils, that we will now use when we do ceremony together.

It was next level.

And this is all with the man I met when I was 21 who was a college football player on his way to medical school, who refused to do inner work and rejected spirituality for the majority of our relationship.

He is now a fully embodied King, and I feel so deeply met and incredibly happy.

It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a marriage that I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to have with this man.

I share this because I believe that every human has the capacity to live life at this depth. The only wildcard is if they want to and are willing to do the work.

Although Jonathan does not teach this deep level of sacred work inside of men’s work, men’s work lays the emotional foundation in order to step into whatever level of intimacy and work your unique relationship is called to. This is just our expression.

Life really does get to be so magical and better than you ever could’ve imagined.

Don’t settle for lackluster.

Men’s work starts tomorrow.

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