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When it comes to our bodies, oftentimes we find ourselves caught between a rock and a hard place. We don’t want to be caught up in the patriarchal swirl of weight loss, but we also don’t want to feel like sh*t in our bodies all the time.

And every time we think about getting healthy, we get worried that we’re going down a slippery slope of self-hatred and selling out to the fictitious cultural ideal of beauty.

We may wonder “isn’t loving my body as it is the most evolved path?”

Do we have to choose between punishing ourselves to be healthy or loving ourselves but feeling like crap?

That is our current paradigm of being a woman in a body. And in this paradigm, we can never win.

But I believe in a new paradigm. A paradigm that has nothing to do with cultural standards and everything to do with our soul’s expression.

On Thursday, February 16 at 11 AM eastern (also recorded!) I’m teaching a free masterclass on how to actually heal the way you treat, see, and live in your body. I’m also bringing on a special guest, Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC of Detox Rejuvenation who helped me heal my body on a scientific, and physical level. We need the sacred & the physical, and I’m so excited to bring you both.

Click here to reserve your spot 

If you’re looking for a way to nourish and nurture your body that is soulful, sensual, and deeply meaningful and isn’t the same “cardboard box” approach to health, I know you’ll feel very seen and met by this masterclass.

Hope to see you next week!

Happy Moonday, my love.





Love Notes:

“Oh my Goddess, I can’t believe how much has changed in my life in such a short amount of time. You helped me unlock the door to the broom closet and now you’re helping me step the f*ck out of the box! Everything feels different now that I am claiming the life I want with such clarity. Eternally grateful for your guidance and support.”

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