Are you treating your body this way?

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If you had to give your body a career, what would it be?  Would she be a professional hugger? A human maker? A pleasure seeker? An intuitive? An artist?

Really. Think about it.

Maybe she already is one of those things.  But… are you nurturing that career?  Or are you pushing her into being something different… A runway model. A clothes hanger.  A professional instagram selfie poster. In short…

Are you skinny for a living?

Here’s the deal.  I could be a size 4 if I really wanted to.  I could eat only vegetables, spend 2 hours at the gym everyday, pass up dessert on date night, skip the red wine and drink juice for breakfast.  I could do that, but it would take up all my time and energy. I would have to be skinny for a living.

Now some people are naturally a size four, or naturally only want to eat vegetables and don’t like chocolate or wine, and that’s great for them.  And just because that is the body they were given doesn’t mean I need to want that, or that it should be as easy or simple for me (and maybe you) to look like them.  

I was given this body, and love eating meat, freshly baked bread, warm chocolate chip cookies, red wine and going for a walk instead of lifting weights, and that is great for me.

Now does this mean I don’t take care of my body?  Hell no.  I take impeccable care of my body. I move her regularly, eat a ton of vegetables and organic food. I take my supplements, get blood work done, drink green juice, get 8 hours of sleep and love her up.  I do the things that are easy for me, so that my body can do other things for a living like be a professional hugger, milk producer, babymaker, love maker, artist, singer and dancer.

You are here to be so much more than a glorified mannequin for your clothes, and you have to live your life in alignment
with that intention.  

So I’m wondering, are you caught in the trap of being skinny for a living?  Have you been duped into thinking that it should be easy for you to be a size 4 because she is? Have you ever considered that this is YOUR perfect body as long as you are taking care of her in the way that comes naturally to you?  And once your body quits her job of being skinny for a living, what is she going to focus on next?  What is her dream career?

I can’t wait to hear below:).

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