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Kelly here from Holy Woman beaming in with our next Emerge transmission. If you missed Impossible, Sarah’s kick-off to this summer series, be sure to check it out. We’re riding the wave of energy from Summer Solstice and taking the elevator up, up, UP to the Light – basking in the pleasure and ease of sweet Summertime here in the States. 

Easier said than done?


Or maybe not.

What if it could actually be… easy?

Dear Summer,

How do I really sink into you? All the way? How can I tap into the energy of you – up and out, but restful, playful, and pleasurable? I have the schedules and the vacations and the kids and it’s beautiful and it’s a lot and somehow I’m already kind of wiped out. But I know it’s not too late, this is just the beginning. How do I make sure this too doesn’t pass in a blur?


I am glad you asked.

I’m going to be very straightforward and tell you exactly how to sink into me. All the way.

Overwork, overwhelm and burnout are the diseases of your time. 

I, Summer, hold a cure – and now I’m going to write you a prescription. It’s easiest to take my drugs, and to sink into the rhythm of me, now, when the sun shines warmly on your face, the Light outlives the Dark, and schedules inherently include more choice. But my medicine is available for dosing year-round, so heed my advice.

This is what you need to do:

Prioritize simple pleasures.

I’m going to share with you (or better stated, remind you of) a long list of simple pleasures that you can do alone, that cost little to no money and very little time or even energy. What this means is that there is no excuse not to do them, my medicine is available to all. You should do a handful of these every single day. If you want to take the express elevator to the Light, do them all. Literally all of them. In one single day. 

I’m not going to bury the lead here — the truth is that most of what I am about to share is just about noticing. It is about tuning into your sensory experience of being a human on the planet, something that many of you have long forgotten. Doing so brings you effortlessly, maybe even accidentally, into the present moment – and here in the present moment is where you will find ease, abundance, pleasure, and gratitude.

What is great about me (Summer) and why this is my message to you, is that in summer the Earth is in full bloom. The sun is warm, the flowers are full, the birds are singing their songs. There are natural pleasantries alive and well, making it easy to attune to them. Yes, easy.


  1. Sleep with your windows open and in the morning, spend time with your eyes closed listening to the songs of the birds. If you live in a noisy city and this isn’t an option, play bird songs from your phone.
  2. When you wake up in the morning, get something to drink (water, tea, coffee, green juice – I do not care, I am not here to give out health advice today) and go outside to drink it. If you do not have private outdoor space, go out to public outdoor space in your pajamas.
  3. As you drink your beverage, take in whatever is around you. Take note of something beautiful. Really look at it. Touch it, smell it (if that makes sense). And then do it again with something else. And again with something else. And repeat until you feel like laughing out loud because there are so many beautiful things you’d be here all day if you kept this up.
  4. If you can put your bare feet on the Earth, do that. Stretch your arms up to the sky. Take deep belly breaths as you gently move. Notice how great the cool, dewy grass feels on your warm morning feet.
  5. Sing. You can even just hum a soft tune if you want. Find a song in your heart and just sing it a little bit. Trust me on this – this is the most beautiful way to use your voice first thing in the morning.
  6. Start listing, out loud, just to yourself and the Universe (or if you’re with a partner or a friend you can do this together) everything you’re grateful for. Start with what you see around you – move through your senses (ex: the taste of my morning coffee, the smell of the fresh flowers growing in the garden, the cool breeze in my hair, the home I live in, the feeling of water going down my throat – just keep going until you feel complete!) Take note of the shift in your energy from before this practice to after it.
  7. Eat a piece of ripe fruit. Bonus points if you have a mango you can peel but leave whole, and eat it like you’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life. Smell it. Sink your teeth in. Go slow. Eat it outside if you can. Think about how this delicious morsel originated in nature just so that it could be enjoyed and devoured. Repeat throughout the day.
  8. Drink your water out of a wine glass with a garnish (like cucumber or fresh herbs).
  9. Stretch. Again, if you can do it outside or with your windows open, even better. Move slowly. Tune into your body, feel where it’s tight, bring gentle movement and awareness where it’s needed.
  10. Wash your face, hands and feet. Take a moment to get the water to the perfect temperature. Use your favorite smelling soaps. Use oil or lotion afterward. When was the last time you gave your feet any attention, anyway? Enjoy it.
  11. Play music in your house. You pick the vibe. Play it low in the background all day. Blast it louder when you need a dance party. (This scribe’s recommendation it Open by Rhye – it’s a vibe).
  12. While you’re cooking or preparing food in your kitchen, light a candle. Even in daytime, even in Summer. Start thinking of cooking as a ritual. Tune in to what you’re doing, what the food feels like and smells like, how it’s nourishing you. Be with the experience of feeding yourself.
  13. Tickle your kids. Let them tickle you back. Laugh.
  14. When you get dressed for the day, add one small but surprisingly joyful adornment. A flower behind your ear, a pop of color in your jewelry. Some lipstick. Paint your toes a weird color. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you because____” and then give yourself a wink or a high five.
  15. Pull out some oracle or tarot cards if you have them at some point for some Sacred work. Ask the cards – What is my superpower? And pull to see what you get 🙂 Feel into what resonates, keep pulling – and keep asking questions that help you tune into your unique light.
  16. Give yourself an orgasm. Self-pleasure is available to you any time. Put on some music you can vibe with and bring yourself some pleasure (you don’t need anyone else).
  17. Ideally after some self-pleasure, do something creative. Paint with watercolors, write in your journal, make up a smutty short story, dance like you’re headlining your own concert, play music, get dressed up.
  18. Take an orange into the shower with you. Peel and eat it in the shower. (Or this scribe’s favorite food & water activity – take a cold popsicle into a warm bath – trust me).
  19. Let a piece of chocolate melt on your tongue.
  20. Read a fiction book or write some poetry.
  21. When you’re driving to/from wherever you need to go, take notice of the landscape. When you see a particularly beautiful scene like a great tree or a mountain view or an open field, roll down your window and yell “WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS PLANET!!!”
  22. Get yourself into some water. Ideally, a natural body of water like an ocean, lake, river, or pond. A pool will do of course, and a shower or bath can also work. Make a ritual out of your submersion — like a baptism, go into the water one way, and come out brand new. Repeat as needed.
  23. Bring fresh-cut flowers into your house. Cut them from your garden, pull your neighbor’s weeds (aka wildflowers), or buy some at the store. Even a single flower in a cup of water on your countertop is going to bring you pleasure.
  24. Send a message to someone you love letting them know that you are thinking of them, and why you love them so much. It can be a phone call, it can be a text message. Don’t be afraid to let it be random, or to get detailed. Spreading love to someone that you love will always bring the light.
  25. Before you go into a public place, any public place, decide that you are going to be the lightest and most loving energy in the room. Sit in your car and breathe for a minute, and activate this in yourself. Prepare to become a human love bomb. Smile at strangers. Compliment someone’s style. Even if you’re not a people person and you don’t want to chat, just BE light. See who and what you notice, and how it feels.
  26. Organize one very small area of your home that you’ve been neglecting. Like a sock drawer. Pick something small and simple. Give yourself just 5 minutes to make it more functional and beautiful.
  27. When you’re sitting, working, playing with your kid – whatever – and you find yourself in a lull, or a quiet moment… just smile.
  28. If it’s a hot day, turn on a fan, grab some ice cubes, and sit directly in front of it with a flowy shirt on. Laugh hysterically at how good it feels to cool off and let your hair and clothing blow around without a care in the world. Bonus points if you sing into the fan and it makes a hilarious echo sound.
  29. Have evening tea before bed with a little honey. Bonus if you put on your fanciest robe and make yourself a little nest of pillows to sit in. Light your candle. Reflect on the beauty of your day. Sip your tea. More self-pleasure is welcome.
  30. Make up your own plan. You can literally do whatever you want and you need no help. Tune into what is here, because what is here… is extraordinary.

Here’s the thing – everyone’s energy centers work differently. Some want a busy summer packed with plans and activities, some want no routine at all, some want quiet days with simplicity, some want adrenaline rushes and water parks, and some will be going to the office with absolutely no change in the flow of life as the seasons shift. Some want to be low and slow, others want to burn and churn. 

It’s all perfect, and it’s none of my business. You get to decide. My medicine, and this prescription, is about making sure that no matter what you do with your time and your energy, you don’t miss it. You don’t miss me. And you don’t miss you. That you stop hyper-focusing on what you do not yet have, and revel and cherish what is right here in front of you. What is here for all of us.

Please go outside, please attune to me, and please attune to yourself and your family if you have one. See what is right here, what is perfect, what is pleasurable. Feel how much power really is in your hands to create the life you’re meant to live. One that is as unique as your fingerprint.

Notice what is here.

Let it be easy. 




P.S. If you know me personally, you are probably not surprised that this is the message coming through me – I’ve proudly been complimented most of my life that this is where I thrive. I most definitely have spent lifetimes honing my ability to experience Earthly pleasures, lol. But even so, I have found recently that I need that reminder to come back to noticing, to gratitude, and to presence. Our bodies & this earth hold the most beautiful medicine for us to do that through our senses.

This core part of me, the part I honestly love most, is a big part of how I know I’m in my Soul’s Work – creating sacred experiences for women on our Retreats where we curate an environment designed especially to Feed the Feminine. What a joy.

Enrollment in our next experience, Emerge Retreat, over Fall Equinox Weekend is closing on July 3 (just one week away) and we only have 15 (of 150) spots left. Sometimes we need a reminder to notice and sink into the simple pleasure of everyday life as a human on Earth, and other times, we need to clear our schedules, link up with sacred women, go into high ceremony in an open field for three days, and remember who we really are and what we’re here to do. If you’re one of the final 15, click here to sign up.

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