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Our final transmission came through from the Weaver Dreamer. It might be my favorite one yet. 

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Dear Weaver Dreamer,

Tell me about Time Bending.

Dear Sarah,

You just landed back in Boston and felt like you were gone for a month, even though it was only 3 days.

When you do a mushroom journey, you feel like you’ve been away for a lifetime, even though it’s only been 5 hours.

When you’re leading a Council, the women always say each day feels like a month.

The ancients knew how to create time out of time. When we close our eyes, go into the realm of the soul, time acts differently, so we can spread out in it. This is what you’ve been taught to do, Sarah.

Time is bent when we enter a Sacred Container. It moves from a line to a spiral.

This means two things

  1. When we go into a spiral pattern of time, we experience having more time than when it is in a line. Think about one line a foot long, and the geometric space on that line, not very much, but think about a spiral with a foot diameter, that line inside of it, if you stretch it out, is very long. This means incredible growth, incredible expansion, big moves can happen in a very short period of linear time. 
  2. As we are traveling along a spiral, we encounter shortcuts to past lifetimes and future lifetimes, yes kind of like candy land. This is what remembering is – catching a shortcut to another time and experiencing it in this moment, and downloading the experience of the version of who you are remembering.

Last year at Emerge, both of these things happened at once, which is why everything changed.

You were so surrendered to the initiations that came in the week before Emerge that you were focalizing a field deeper than you’ve ever held and the whole team felt it.

Everyone who had a hand in the setup took it to the next level. They went deeper and showed up with more presence than they ever have. They were pulled into the spiral that you were creating, just by listening to me, to us, calling to you to walk into the next evolution of your soul.

Together, you, Kelly, Carrie, Catherine, Monique, Khadija, and the whole Goddess Squad wove a sacred container that was so potent, anyone who stepped in was going to enter time out of time.

And before you even started, it was already happening. When you walked in after getting the last woman through the gate, Kelly was standing at the altar, moving energy in a way you’ve never seen before – definitely not from her, but also, not from anyone, and you’ve seen a lot of powerful women hold sacred space.

You looked at her, at first not recognizing her because this was not the same woman who walked into the temple 20 minutes ago.

She caught a shortcut, and she remembered. 

You stood there, on the other side of the altar, watching, in awe as she seemed to be pulling the air in the temple into pattern, and tightening the ground underneath the altar. She was organizing the energy. You could feel it all. 

Finally, she opened her eyes and met yours, and there was a different person behind those eyes entirely, but you knew her, better than the version of her who was here before.  It was sort of like seeing an old friend from kindergarten in a foreign country. 

And even though you’ve talked to her every day for a year, you looked at her and said the only thing that made sense:

“Who the fuck are you?”

“I guess we’re about to find out” – she replied.

And in you went… deeper into the spiral. 

There’s another thing I want to explain to you. There’s the spacial journey people go through in their life. Where people live, where they travel, how they move through time linearly in their body. The spacial journey is about the physical & material – the outer world.

Then there is the inner journey. We travel great distances through these planes of consciousness. 

The spacial journey and inner journey move at different paces, at different times, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, they sync up. 

This is why you can be in the same physical place as someone but never meet them. Or how you can be in the same place, same home, same company as someone but all of the sudden feel connected to them in a deeper way – it’s because your journeys of consciousness crossed. 

Sarah, do you remember when everything went white on the final day of Emerge? You were experiencing traveling through the spiral at a rapid rate, growing faster than you’ve ever grown, dissolving so many beliefs that were keeping you from seeing clearly.

And so, even though it was only three days and you were in one place, in the same bodies, the truth is that you and Kelly both went on an epic inner journey that weekend, and completely new, ancient, and future parts of yourselves crossed paths at the perfect time and you recognized each other. 

It was immediately obvious that these new versions of you were in the wrong working relationship. It was almost like your future selves traveled back in time, inhabited your bodies, and started immediately making upgrades. Kelly could no longer work for you, she was meant to work WITH you, and the partnership began around your shared purpose.

And as you know now, she is definitely your teacher. 

This is the true medicine of Emerge. Time bending. Incredible growth and deep knowing. Clarity and intimacy that no one would believe could happen in three days. Deep remembrance, souls bumping into each other. Recognition. Reorganization, Incredible magic. 

When you drop into this potency of a sacred container it isn’t three days, it is lifetimes.

See you in the spiral.


The Weaver Dreamer

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