Busy Making Everyone Else’s Life Awesome That You Don’t Get To Focus On Your Own?

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Happy Indigenous People’s Day,

I am sharing a lot of resources and ways to support Indigenous people on Instagram today, make sure to check it out.

And while we’re here, I have a question for you… do you spend so much time and energy making everyone else’s life awesome that you don’t get to focus on your own?

I see women everyday jumping through flaming hoops to make their kids, friends, parents, even random strangers happy. Most of the time it comes from love, some of the time it comes from pressure or feeling like we need to jump through flaming hoops in order to receive love.

And I’ve so been there.
The truth is that we’ve been brainwashed to serve others at the expense of living our own life.
I’m not saying you have to stop doing things for other people, I just want you to ALSO do things for yourself.
But since we’re so brainwashed to think that doing things for ourselves, or having our own life, is selfish, we need to prioritize it first thing in the morning. Or else we get sidetracked!
This Friday, on the New Moon I am gathering thousands of women together to commit to having a #SacredStart every day until the Full Moon on Halloween. I am going to be walking you through exactly how to prioritize yourself every morning for two weeks, even if you’re not a morning person and have needy kids that never leave you alone (like me!).

To sign up for free go to

Not only will you learn how to carve out time for half an hour every morning, you will learn how to prioritize yourself throughout the day, and overtime, this will result in you having your own life.

I’ve worked with thousands of women over the past 11 years, and when women finally get that their lives, their calling, their needs and desires are important, and worth prioritizing, their life goes through a seismic shift.

First, they feel happier and less stressed.

Then they have energy to take better care of their bodies and health.

Then this overflow of energy changes their families happiness, radiating a state of calmness through out the family unit. Then the whole family’s health shifts.

From here we start to see the community receive love and care from this woman as she may start to offer her strategic intelligence and creativity to make where she lives a better place.

Often this translates into a business, one that is lucrative and solves a problem that makes the world a better place to live.

And it all begins with a Sacred Start.

To join us click here.

We start on Friday!



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