Circles of Support When We’re Under Attack

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My loves. Let’s take a deep breath together.

We are under attack and in times like this we can get really overwhelmed. I’m here to offer a bit of structure for our minds to hold onto, so we can not spin out of control. We need to be in control, and we need to be available to support our sisters who will really need us going forward. This is our sacred work in action.

When we are in survival mode, I always try to remember to start with me and then work my way out. Like this…

1. Start with you. Are you in a state that is, or is at risk of making abortion illegal? If not, do not go into a state of being under attack. We need you to be the support system – not go into a spiral. You now have a privilege that many women do not. You will need to use that privilege for good. If you are of childbearing years, in a state that is making abortion illegal – ask for help. Find a friend who will promise to drive you across state lines, and have the @abortionfunds number on your cell phone. Know that @maydayhealth can help you with abortion pills. Have a plan and gather your circle.

2. The next circle is your children. Yesterday I knelt down and told my girls, “I need you to know that I will always make sure that you are safe and all of your needs are being met, no matter what.” My kids may not feel safe with their government, but they will be raised to know their mother is way more powerful than the White House.

3. If your needs are met, and your children are met, then move out to your immediate community, or a community that you can get your arms around. This could be one group in a state that has lost their rights or focusing on one organization like @abortionfunds that is doing work on the ground.

4. If you have even more space, then we go to the national/political level. But don’t start there because sometimes that can feel so big we don’t truly see how we can impact it. So start with you, and work your way out. Use your privilege if you have it.

Take care of yourself my loves. I have so much more to say, and we will take it one day at a time.


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