How to create a morning routine you’ll actually do (and wake up early for)

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I used to pride myself on my morning routine. I would wake up, meditate, workout, journal, shower, pull together a beautiful outfit and make myself a beautiful breakfast.

This was totally doable for a woman who had no kids, whose husband wasn’t home in the morning and who didn’t have to be at work at a certain time.  Ha! I thought my life was so hard.

Then I had kids, and every day up until recently I would wake up to Marshall screaming (yes he throws a fit as soon as he wakes up, we’re working on it) between 6 and 7am and go right into his morning routine of changing his diaper, getting his food, saving him from 3-12 near death experiences and trying to maybe eat and get dressed (usually dirty leggings and one of three sweatshirts) amongst the chaos.  Oh yeah, and throw in nursing Annabelle and keeping her from eating last night’s dinner off the floor.  It’s very glamorous. Then I get to work by 9 so I can be done by 5 when our nanny leaves.

So when I was complaining to Jonathan that I felt like I was always in survival mode, he gave that look.  You know that look, the one that says “I’ve told you this a million times and you never listen to me but I know it’s good for you and I’m going to risk you hating me for mentioning it because I am so convinced it’s going to change your life.” So that, and he said “I really think you should consider getting up before the kids.” To which I replied, “I am just not my best self before 7am.” To which he rebuttled, “You aren’t exactly your best self after 7am either.” Touche.

So I told him I would experiment with waking up at 6 am every day for five days (Monday-Friday) and see how I felt so I had an hour before the kids woke up, and if they woke up earlier I would leave them in their beds, turn up the white noise machine and know they aren’t going to die.

One thing I knew, and this is KEY in creating a morning routine, this hour was not about bettering myself, working out or learning a new skill.  This hour was just about packing as much fun, relaxation and pleasure in as I could.  It was about connecting with me, before I had to connect with my children.

Every morning looks a little different but almost always includes:


Having quiet time whether it’s meditating or just staring out the window

Making coffee

Pulling Tarot cards

Reading a few pages in my book while drinking coffee

Taking a shower, getting dressed and putting on a little makeup

I started this morning routine 5 weeks ago and I have only slept past my 6/6:15 wake up ONCE, and it was such a terrible morning that it really showed me how much I love my new routine.

Here’s the truth, when our alarm goes off and we are instantly excited about what is about the happen the next hour, it is easy to get out of bed, no matter what time it is. Not to mention that connecting with our feminine, soulful, fun-loving selves makes us far more productive, present and patient during our day whether it’s at work or at home.

Today I want you to write out your ideal morning routine and decide what time you need to wake up to make that happen, and just experiment with doing it tomorrow and every day next week.  If you hate it after a week, you don’t have to do it. I would love to hear in the comments on what your plan is. And make sure to check out ideas from the other women in this community.

Also, being a woman isn’t always easy, and we need each other to move through some of these sticky spots.  If you know someone who may find this helpful, I hope you’ll send them this article.  Why stay on the surface when we can get deep and real with each other, you know?



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