Create a Sacred Home (crystals not required)


Last weekend we celebrated Passover and Easter, and I’m relishing the small signs of Spring as the snow (finally) starts to melt. I’m also getting the double whammy of nesting hormones (being in my third trimester) and the natural craving to purge and refresh with the Spring energy in the air.

I’ve always loved interior design as I grew up with a mother who created so much beauty in our home. Physical beauty can have a profound impact on our energy, our experience of coming home at the end of the day, or how our day starts when we wake up.  

When I first started my spiritual practice, I kept all of my “magical things” tucked away in my bedroom or office. I found myself nervous when guests would come over. I didn’t want to be “discovered” and considered different or an outcast.  

As I explored the ins and outs of why I was such a closeted magic maker, I became more comfortable with being me out in the open. As I came out of the closet, I started to see my whole home as a temple. I wanted every room to feel sacred. And the more I took my sacred stuff out of hiding, the more I came out of hiding.

Something I learned from my friend Rebecca McLoughlin is that every room in my home is a reflection of my inner world, my relationships, and my life.

Here are some ideas on how to make your home more sacred (crystals not required):

Each room can have an intention
Your office is a reflection of your work and, potentially, money. Your bedroom is a reflection of your romance and relationships (whether or not you are in a relationship). Your kitchen is a reflection of your health. Your living room is a reflection of your community. Your closets are a reflection of your inner world.  

Walk into each room (or just one) and sink into your intention. Maybe you want your bedroom to nurture more harmony and sweetness in your relationship, or maybe you want it to inspire a hot sex life. Maybe you want your living room to call more friends into your life or more authentic conversations. Maybe you want your kitchen to support your taking incredible care of your body or inspire family dinners 5 days a week.

Clear the space
If your intention for your bedroom is to create more harmony in your relationship, having a bunch of junk and clutter isn’t going to help. If you want to feel less anxious internally, having messy closets is no bueno. If you want to have more family dinners but can’t find everything you need to cook, you’re never going to do it.  

Add in symbols
Here’s the thing with symbols – what is most important is what they mean to YOU. I don’t care that an amethyst traditionally guards against negativity or helps with intuition. Maybe when you hold an amethyst you feel abundant, and so you may want to put one in your office. I don’t care that a bear spirit animal is about strength and protection – maybe to you a bear reminds you to be more playful or slow, so you want to add a symbol of a bear in your kitchen to remind you to have fun cooking.  

Think through what symbols, colors, animals, stones, photos, books, objects, and materials make YOU feel the way you want to feel, based on your intention. 

When I designed my living room, my intention was to create a friend group that was deep, spiritual, a bit wild, and vulnerable. I chose to build huge shelves that had many, many symbols of who I am, who Jonathan is, places we’ve travelled, books we love, animal skulls we connect with, and art of places that are familiar to us. I wanted to make sure I am showing who I am, so others feel comfortable to be themselves. We don’t have a TV in this room, and everything is oriented towards our fireplace. I’ve had a few intimate gatherings in this room, and everyone always drops in and goes there really quickly.

My invitation for you is to take some time this weekend to set your intentions (include your partner and your kids – they live in the house, too! :)) and then put some time on your calendar to clear out clutter and then add symbols to your home. Have it be fun. Have it be an intentional practice.

In the comments below, I’d love to know what your intention is for one room in your home and what symbols you want to add to support that intention.

Happy Spring!


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