Dear Future Marketing Project Manager


Dear Future Marketing Project Manager,

11 years ago I started on a journey to heal the soul of women.  It started with looking at how we eat is a cry for help, and deepened into reclaiming the Sacred Feminine and the Soul of womankind on the planet, for when we lost the stories, rituals and power of the Feminine in our culture, we lost ourselves, and we became the punching bag and dumping station for others.

My goal is to restore the power to Women through healing Patriarchal brainwashing and bringing Sacred Feminine spiritual practices to the mainstream.



A little about me:

I am a born entrepreneur, my first business was selling shell necklaces out of a wagon at 8 years old for a premium price of $8 a pop.  I really pissed off the girls selling lemonade for 50 cents down the sidewalk.

I had one of the first online programs in 2011 called Live More Weigh Less.  We did multiple six-figures launches.  I also never slept.

When I got pregnant with my first child, I was forced to change how I did business.  I was also the primary breadwinner as my husband was in his surgical residency.

I got pregnant again when my son Marshall was just 9 months old.  I did the best I could to keep up the pace I had set for myself, but eventually I had to surrender to doing the bare minimum to get by.

I had a very dark period where I had to look at all of my preconceived notions of motherhood, my body, being a CEO and family systems.  I deepened into my spiritual practice and started the path of becoming an ordained Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School.

We moved from San Francisco to the Boston area, and took the leap to buy a farm with a Temple on it.

Three years ago I started my work as a Priestess hosting retreats, Moon circles and created an online membership called Whole Woman which is now 900 members.  All of my work combines sacred ceremony and life coaching to help women make the quantum shift from living for everyone else to living for themselves.

I also had another baby!  We are now complete with our three, very high energy, little souls now 6, 5 and 2.5.

I’ve been running this season of my business by the seat of my pants, acting on inspiration and doing the bare minimum in terms of marketing, focusing most of our energy on the client experience which is top-notch.

I currently have an incredible 4 person team:

Head of Social Media

Head of Technology and Systems

Head of Programs and Client Care


2021 is the year of growth, and I am bringing 3 new offerings into the world.

What I need is someone to take my big and creative ideas, recognize the gaps in strategy if there are any, and bring it all to life in a way that supports the nervous systems and well-being of our team, while growing the company exponentially in 2021.


This person is responsible for the following:

For Launches

  • Taking in and executing on my creative marketing ideas through multiple channels
  • Determining gaps in the strategy and adding in pieces accordingly
  • Developing a timeline for launches and projects
  • Determining collateral needed for launch
  • Assigning tasks
  • Hiring and managing contractors
  • Holding team members accountable to deadlines (including me!)
  • Communicating to team members when they need to be “on” or working outside of regular hours during a launch.
  • Managing all marketing images and collateral
  • Managing creation of all sales pages, thank you pages and autoresponders
  • Stepping in to do minor copywriting when needed with option to delegate
  • Testing all websites and payment portals
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Partner in creating a social media plan and make sure it is executed correctly
  • Partner in creating an email marketing plan and make sure it is executed correctly
  • Set up and be present for all webinars
  • Managing affiliates
  • Managing an ads person
  • In regular communication with Jessica our Programs director to ensure membership sites, welcome emails and all program deliverables are ready and integrated at the time of program start.

Ongoing Growth

  • Manage the timeline and fulfillment of the ongoing plan to grow community through email, podcasts and social media
  • Oversee social media manager and make sure plan is getting implemented
  • Responsible for tracking statistics and holding goals for adding new community members every month.

A little more about the ideal candidate.

This person has ample experience with Ontraport, online marketing, email funnels, video marketing, launch management, team management and management software.

This person sees launches as a sacred invitation into a deeper life and understands that everything is energy, so adding their stress or aggression to a launch won’t be helpful.  This person also understands that the opposite of stress isn’t “go with the flow” but good, long-term planning and anticipating challenges.

This person is dependable, rarely misses a day of work except for pre planned time off, always meets deadlines, shows up with a positive attitude and warm, loving energy.

This person would need to be available M-Th 9-3 to but does not need to be working all the time.  During launches, nights and weekends may be needed, but again, we are not a company that promotes hustle or burn out.  We want to work smarter, not harder.

This person is an excellent people person and is willing to lean into conflict and hold team members accountable for missed deadlines while still being tuned into everyone’s mental health.

Is excited to make big business decisions with Tarot spreads and Astrology transits, and gets the importance of starting all meetings with meditation.

Loves long creative meetings with large pieces of paper, markers and dance breaks, even if it’s on zoom.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] about your relevant experience and expertise, why you want to work with me, where you live, about you and what you’re into, your sun, moon and rising sign and your human design.



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