Discovering the Sacred Feminine is Like Coming Home

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Imagine you arrive 2000 years in the future, and instead of eating food, humans only eat encapsulated nourishment. There are no long family dinners or rowdy dinner parties. There are no vegetable gardens or restaurants. No cafe’s to meet girlfriends in.

You ask, “where’s the food?”

“Food! Food is for weirdos. A few people choose to eat, but they’re so out there. What’s the point? We have these cool pills and are so busy doing this and doing that… is eating really that important?”

I guess it’s how you define important. All you know is in this future world, you feel an ache, like something that is critical to your soul is missing. You long for those moments of meaning, of gathering, of love being shared, the pleasure of delicious food, and your body being nourished.

You can feel deep down that humans are meant to co-exist with food, that it’s part of who we are. You look around and you feel so sad that all these people have no idea what they are missing.

This is exactly what I feel is happening with the Sacred Feminine. There was a time when the seasons were celebrated and our bodies revered for being a reflection of the cycles of the Earth and the Moon. There was a time when we felt a deep kinship with the animals, plants, and the land we lived on. There was a time when we gathered in circle, danced under the moon, anointed our bodies, honored our girls when they got their period, and sat at the feet of the crones to receive wisdom. The world was alive with magic!

The Sacred is part of us, it’s part of our evolution and our history. It makes us whole. It’s something we ache for, but it’s been buried for so long, branded as weird and a waste of time, that we no longer know what we’re aching for.

The more I bring the Sacred Feminine back into my life, the more myself I feel. It’s like discovering food for the first time as an adult or going to my first dinner party. The joy, the nourishment, the fulfillment – it’s like coming home.

I’m so glad you are here.


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