Do You Know What You Actually Deserve?

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I believe that changing the world starts with our inner work. All of the terrible things that happen in the world are a symptom of what people think they can get away with, and what *the majority* of people think they should put up with (not everyone, we are so grateful to the people who are standing up for what’s right).

When we believe we deserve very little, we put up with so many terrible things in our society and in our homes.

Women feel like we deserve very little because when we’ve asked for more, when we’ve known what we’ve wanted, we’ve been belittled or even harmed. And not to mention thousands of years of being tortured and murdered for being powerful. This ancestral trauma is still in our cells.

When you think it’s normal for your male partner to boss you around, raise his voice, have opinions about your body or how you spend your time, you’re not going to register that’s it’s wrong when other men in power boss you around, yell, or have opinions about your body.

When we feel like the “screw up” in our family, we’re never going to show up as a leader in the world.

When you are stuck in comparison with other women, you’ll feel threatened by others success and unconsciously belittle them or judge them for being successful, the very thing you are desiring.

You deserve to be free, and freedom begins with healing the wound of feeling like we deserve very little. Even in your life right now, you can look for places where you are settling. It could be in how you treat yourself, how your boss treats you, your partner, or your kids treat you.

Moonday Practice:

Take some time today to just pay attention to your daily interactions and inner thoughts. Do you notice yourself putting up with what you don’t deserve?

What are the patterns?

Where do you think those patterns came from?

How can you be more of a rebel? How can you own your gifts, beauty and magic?

What would a day in the life look like for you if you create everything you deserve?  What would you eat, wear, do and say?

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Happy Moonday Love,



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