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I know that the idea of signing up for a course like Modern Marriage right now seems absolutely insane. I know that you and your partner are so busy with the kids, with work, with finishing up school, summer camps, all the things! I’m sure you do wish you had more time for your marriage, and if you did you’d probably just want to go out to dinner instead of learning about how to have a better marriage.

Or maybe if you had two more hours a week, there’s no way in hell you’d spend it with your partner… aaannnd maybe that’s something we should look at.

I really get that digging around in the guck of your marriage after a super exhausting day does not sound that fun, but hear me out…

Being in a marriage that has a bunch of unspoken, outdated agreements around your roles and responsibilities and how you treat each other is like having a garden that’s full of weeds. One tiny weed isn’t a big deal, but when you have lots of little weeds nothing will grow in that garden.

When you have a lot of little things that are kind of fucked up inside your marriage no one in your family can flourish. You can’t flourish, your partner can’t flourish and (hard but true) your kids can’t flourish.

I hate weeding the garden, but it’s kind of the most important part.

It was super uncomfortable for me and Jonathan to really look at how we were dividing up responsibilities, how we were showing up and treating each other, what was actually going on in our sex life.  It was hard to get real about our expectations around personal growth, goal setting and where we were going with our life.

But when we got our hands dirty and we addressed all of the little weeds in our marriage, literally everything changed!

Both of our careers became more successful, our kids stopped having a lot of behavioral issues, we both got physically healthier and we both just started having a lot more fun.

Our marriage became the thing that was nourishing us to grow and flourish instead of the thing that was poisoning us.

So in order to help you find more time to do Modern Marriage, Jonathan and I created a really cool time calculator to help you find at least two hours a week for your marriage so you have time to complete the program in just a month!  Yes, that’s all it takes, 2 hours a week, for four weeks.  But if you carve out even more time, you can complete it in a WEEK.  Imagine having a completely different marriage a week from now?

Sign up for Modern Marriage and get the “20 ways to Find 2 Hours a Week for your Marriage” BONUS for FREE.

When you join modern marriage by Saturday, June 26 you’ll receive our free bonus 20 ways to get two more hours a week in your marriage. For your marriage.

Most of the strategies don’t cost any money and some cost a lot less than you think.

If you can instill just five of the strategies you will find five extra hours a week for your marriage which means you can do a few modern marriage lessons and go on a date!

Sign up for Modern Marriage TODAY and get the “20 ways to Find 2 Hours a Week for your Marriage” BONUS for FREE.

To take advantage of this bonus you need to join modern marriage by Saturday June 26th (11:59pm ET).



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