Eclipse season is here, ready to dive into the mystery? 🌑


Happy Moonday, happy full moon, and consider this your official welcome to eclipse season! 

If there’s a lot of energy swirling for you today, you are in good company.

Today marks the official start of eclipse season, the two-week period between today’s full moon lunar eclipse and the total solar eclipse on April 8 (although you’ve probably been feeling the shadows come in for at least the last week or so).

Today’s full moon is in Libra, and the sun is in Aries. So what’s happening with this eclipse season is that we’re being invited into the mystery school of balancing our relationship with others and being in relationship with ourselves. 

We’ve been taught that our relationships with other people are in opposition to our relationship with ourselves. The wisdom of the stars (through the metaphors of astrology) teaches us that that’s just not true. 

Astrology puts us in the mystery school of whatever sign the sun is in (all of us, regardless of your birth chart), so we are in this mystery school of Aries for the next month. We’re all being schooled and trained in our relationship to self, and in our relationship to starting new things. 

In shamanic astrology, the archetype of Aries is all about accomplishments and achievements. Aries is the Sacred warrior – defending what’s right, defending the earth. Aries is all about independence and freedom.

Today’s full moon is in Libra (the sign that sits directly opposite of Aries in the sky), and the archetype of Libra is all about balanced relationships. Libra is the Lady of Justice – community, equity, fairness. This full moon, then, highlights how our truest selves (our Aries selves!) are in relationship with other people.

With the sun in Aries and the full moon in Libra – and the next two weeks of eclipse season which basically 10x’s all of these energies, it’s the perfect time to think about what this really means for you. How are you being called into this mystery school? What lesson is here for you now? 

Some reflection questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What is coming up in my life that is highlighting where I’m out of balance with my own independence, freedom, and self-sufficiency?
  • Where am I not being my true self inside of my relationships?
  • Where am I putting my needs on the back burner and prioritizing others? – OR – Where am I over-prioritizing my own needs and perhaps need to think more deeply about centering the needs of others, without losing myself?
  • How can I be my authentic true self in my relationships?

Here’s what’s been happening for me during this time. 

Jonathan and I have entered a season of refining and rewriting our agreements. (If you don’t know what I mean by this, you can check out Modern Marriage – even the invitation page will break it down). 

The question that we’ve been answering together is:

How can our agreements actually reflect who we are, as opposed to the roles that we’ve played inside of our relationship up until this point? 

Our new agreements are really centered around me going for it even more in my work. I’m very available to do that, and very clear that this is the right moment for me to do that because Jonathan is in right relationship with who he is. And these new agreements are actually making our relationship even better. 

What this actually looks like in my life – I’m going on a self-led podcast tour this week (just landed in Austin!). It’s very edgy for me. I was away two weeks ago on a writing retreat, and now I’m out again. The truth is, this is just a season. And Aries season is the perfect time for me to do it. I’m allowing myself to focus on my work right now, and I know it’s not always going to be this way. Our truths will shift, and we will update our agreements to reflect those shifts so that we can both live in authenticity and alignment with ourselves, with each other, and within our family system. 

Sometimes there is just a moment to DO THE THING, and this is my moment.

I am also working on not feeling guilty about this. And not staying on the fence – having one foot in, and one foot out. I’m not going to go on this podcast tour and feel guilty about it the whole time. I’m choosing to do it, and I’m going all in. 

Our relationship with other people and our relationships with ourselves are so deeply intertwined. 

The invitation of today and the next two weeks is to really look at how this is showing up for you, and how you can bring it into balance even more.

I love you.

You’ve got this.



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