Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Open up.


Oh heeeyyy!! I’m so happy to connect with you on this level. I am completely obsessed with entrepreneurs and people who work in companies who have a true entrepreneurial spirit.  

What do I mean by entrepreneurial spirit? People who feel the freedom to create their reality.  

People who believes in their ability to inspire change.

People who see themselves as an integral part of the solution to a problem.

This person may have started her own business, be in the top 5 of a startup, or be in the bottom of the totem pole in a thousand-person company.  

Your position doesn’t matter, your attitude does.

I meet so many women who feel like they don’t have a choice. They are stuck in their job, stuck in their role at home, and beholden to everyone’s feelings and disappointments. I don’t blame anyone for feeling like this. Our culture has done a damn good job convincing women that we don’t have a voice, but the truth is that you do have a choice. And if you are truly in a place where your entrepreneurial spirit is being squashed, get out. Maybe not tomorrow, but start crafting your exit strategy.

Because, my dear, we are are hitting a boiling point in history where we need all hands on deck.  And women who have a platform, who feel the freedom to speak up, who are truly willing to roll up their sleeves and take responsibility are going to have the most power.  

If you feel fired up to step into a leadership role by starting a business, growing your business, or taking a larger role in your company, I want to make sure you pay extra-close attention to the emails I’m sending out in the next few weeks.  

In them I’m sharing what my journey has been like so far as an entrepreneur, the biggest mistakes I’ve made, and what has allowed me to have the impact I want to have. I can’t wait to share it all with you.


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