Everybody told me not to do it.



A lot of people think magic isn’t real, or it’s silly, or it’s what teenagers try to do while sitting in a circle around a ouija board during sleepovers. But magic is a practical tool I use every day. I use magic to ease the stresses of motherhood, help make decisions, jumpstart my marriage and sex life, and boost my health. It’s bigger than therapy for me and more important than self-care – it’s how I live.

I could tell you hundreds of stories about how magic has helped me, but the time it was the most intense and important for me was when I bought my house and Hawthorn Farm.

Two years ago, I wrote fifteen pages outlining my five-year plan (I know, a little extreme). I knew I wanted to buy a property in New England where I could live and where women could gather to connect, learn about the divine feminine, and just be real with each other.

 I thought this was a five-year plan…

Two weeks later, I saw a post for a house on Trulia in Massachusetts that was exactly what I described in my plan. It even had a yurt (in Massachusetts!). I went to see it and the moment I arrived on the property, I was immediately bowled over by how right it felt. I knew instantly I was meant to live and conduct my business here – it was fate. 

But even though it felt so right, I had major doubts. The house needed work. The land, neglected for decades, needed serious tending. The price was a big reach for us. And on top of everything, we were planning to have another baby.

My friends and family, with my best interest at heart, said the same things. They thought it would add too much stress to my already full life. They told me it was a stupid idea.

But I’ve learned that if you live your life to please others, you’re not living at all. I had to do what was right for me, not what made everyone else comfortable. Not even what made me comfortable when I listened to that anxious part of myself. To make the right decision, I knew I had to get quiet and listen to my soul – to decrease the volume of the voices of fear and worry, and increase the volume of the voices of courage and determination. 

To get in touch with my soul, I used magic – practices I now do on a daily basis. Practices that have given me peace and balance and have allowed me to be a whole woman, living my authentic life.

Next week during Magic Week, I’m sharing the tools and magical practices I use to quiet the voices and tune in to know exactly what is right for me. To join this free week-long program, click here. 



Because of the magic, I was able to take the leap of faith to buy the house. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life, and it was magic that gave me the strength to get there. I can’t wait to show you how to do the same.



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