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Temple Info

Gather Your Circle

The dues you paid include as many people as you would like to gather at your home that you choose. Although you are welcome to come solo, and many women do, there are some elements in Temple that are more potent when you are in a circle. It’s also so fun to have women to gather with beforehand, and share about your experience after. We’ve had women gather in a circle of 10! This is also a great way to share the cost of the program. I know inviting women to something sacred can feel edgy for some of us, but I just want you to remember that this is how women used to gather. Our social lives and our spiritual lives were deeply intertwined with very little separation, this is what I want to help facilitate.

I created a sample invite you can email or text to your friends, plus information to send them once they RSVP. Click here to view it.

If you do not have time to gather a circle, I recommend you watch it live solo and then you can gather women to your home in the near future and connect via the replay. We have a lot of women do that and their experience is just as potent, and the recording quality is top notch.


Create Sacred Space

When creating sacred space, you can be very simple, or you can go for it! It’s completely up to you. At the very least, know where you are going to participate in Temple and make sure you will have privacy and a good internet connection. If the only thing you do is light a candle, that is enough. I would hate for you to let perfection get in the way of showing up.

If it’s in your joy to create a sacred space, I have a few tips for you…

If you are gathering a circle, my advice is to create an altar (more on this in a minute) in a room that will fit all of you and have a place to put the computer right behind (or on) the altar, or you can hook up the livestream to your TV and put the altar underneath the TV. For direction on how to do that, click here.

Then arrange places to sit (I love laying out a pillow or two for each person) on the floor in a semi-circle around the altar so everyone can see, but you are still in a circle formation. If all are able, I highly recommend sitting on the floor because your body will remember being in sacred circle – it’s an ancient spiritual technology.

Your altar can really be anything. I love gathering something to represent each element and placing it in its direction – Air in the East (like a feather or incense), Fire in the South (a Candle), Water in the West (bowl of water or flower), Earth in the North (A rock or crystal). You can also add flowers, candles, incense and symbols of the season to your altar. I also love lighting candles all over the room.

On Spring Equinox it’s great to have symbols of new life on your altar like eggs, daffodils or budding branches. Many of the symbols we are familiar with for Easter are actually borrowed from ancient Spring Equinox celebrations.


Your Pre-Temple Gathering

If you are gathering before Temple, I highly recommend you have everyone come 90 min to two hours ahead of time to share a meal and connect with each other. At my home I will be serving a huge cheese spread and a spring frittata (remember, eggs are a sacred food this time of year). Here’s a recipe for a Sacred Spring Frittata. 

You may also want to spend some time outside looking for signs of spring and making an offering (like a slice of frittata or flowers from your altar) to the land and spirits of spring before our ceremony. Can you offer gratitude to the land that holds you, and tell her how grateful you are for her holding and her wisdom? This is what we will be doing at my home before Temple!



For every Temple please bring a journal, pen, pot or cauldron (for burning paper), matches and water.

For the Spring Equinox Temple I will be leading you in a special manifestation practice and you will need a pot, soil, seeds and some water. Of course, if you can’t get it together, no worries, you can do it after!


What to Wear

Even if no one is seeing you, what you wear matters, you are the altar. Dress for you. Wear something that helps you remember that you are a Holy Woman, but also make sure you can sit comfortably on the floor. Wear a color that makes you feel ALIVE. Wear jewelry, put oils on your body, enjoy the process. 


Post-Temple Digestion

We move A LOT of energy during Temple. It is normal to feel tired (yet energized at the same time!), thirsty and hungry. Some women experience headaches or grief, others feel a burst of energy. It’s all normal and part of the process. After Temple I recommend going outside and looking at the stars and the moon (if she’s up) and getting your bare feet in the grass or dirt. Drink a ton of water and eat something. The next day try to find some time to process and be still.

Here are some questions to ask yourself or you can share with your gathered circle

  1. What do you want to make sure you don’t forget about that experience?
  2. Did something come up that surprised you?
  3. How do you want to show up to your life differently because of this experience?
  4. Is there anything that felt hard that you want to release?
  5. What are you proud of yourself for?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and if you know anyone who would like to participate in Temple, I hope you will send them to with a note about why you decided to join us.

See you in Temple!




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