A Full Moon Ritual


It’s a Full Moon today! And Mercury went direct (which means that the planet that rules communication travel and technology is supporting us and getting back to our regularly scheduled program), plus this week ends with a Friday the 13th which is one of the most sacred and magical days in the sacred feminine tradition (why do you think the patriarchy made it one of the unluckiest?). So basically, it’s a big week cosmically which means that you can choose to have it be a big week for yourself.

I can’t tell you how often during weeks like this I get texts from my friends who don’t live sacred life say something like, “is there something going on with the moon my week has been insane!”

When the cosmos is supporting us in being our fullest brightest self (when the Moon is at its fullest and brightest)  and we continue to live our lives based on our patriarchal brainwashing which often looks like playing small, sticking to the rules, and not answering those inner calls of wanting to break out of the box, it creates a lot of friction in our system and in our lives.

Imagine if a wild woman was stuck in a box, and a wise guiding force said “its time to come out” but the box wouldn’t open, there would be quite a ruckus of the woman kicking, punching and screaming, trying to get out.

That guiding force is the moon.

The wild woman is your true self.

Your conditioning is the box.

So how do we allow the box to open effortlessly?

  1. Recognize that the box is there and separate from who you truly are not part of you.
  2. Identify with the box is telling you and how it is keeping you locked In. Do you have inner voices of ”Don’t be selfish” “Don’t be so full of yourself” “just be happy with what you have” “don’t want more”.
  3. Understand that those inner voices are patriarchal brainwashing meant to keep you in the box and there for manipulatable.
  4. Remind yourself that you were not going to die if you stop listening to the rules of the box and start listening to your inner wisdom and the fullness of who you are. Yes, there was a time when you would have died from being your full self. There is an extensive and dark history of women being tortured and murdered for standing in our power so it makes sense that we are afraid but we are no longer in that time and it is time for us to heal from that brainwashing.
  5. Finally, take some deep breaths that will help signal to your body that you are safe and don’t need to run for your life. I’ve been learning this tactic from reading the book “Patriarchy Stress Disorder” by Dr. Valerie Rein that is an absolutely excellent read.

Tonight, I invite you to go outside and look at the full moon. Imagine the moon calling forward your biggest brightest most authentic self. Imagine them being in a relationship, seeing each other for the first time in a long while. Notice how that inner wild woman response. Notice how the box wants to keep you small. Continue to ask the moon to call forward your truest expression of who you are. Continue to bask in the moonlight and get to know this part of you that’s been buried under all of this cultural conditioning. You may want to have your inner wild woman write to you through journaling or start to dance outside under the moonlight.

I understand that this can sound or will feel weird. That is the whole point! We have been brainwashed to believe that dancing under the moonlight is weird because when we actually do dance under the moonlight it awakens our power and when our power is awakened we disrupt the status quo.

Happy Moonday and Full Moon my love. I can’t wait to hear what you discover.



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