Holiday Planning Guide for More Magic, Connection + Intention


I’ve recently gone into full winter mode when the temperature dropped and we finished another round of gathering new women in Whole Woman. We welcomed hundreds of new members and it’s been such a joy to get to know them. But after a period of being OUT I definitely needed some time IN.

Which brings me to WINTER. Here we are. We have a foot of snow on the ground in Massachusetts as I write this. Christmas is just over two weeks away (holy sh*%t) and if you’re like me, you’re freaking out over how much you have to do.

Here’s what normally happens to me… I don’t make a plan, so I say yes to everything, buy every present my kid’s little hearts’ desire, think I’m ahead of the wrapping but always end up wrapping for hours on Christmas eve and spend so much money on overnight shipping because there were just a feeeww more things I wanted to get people. We also celebrate Hanukkah and Solstice in my family, so there is a lot to manage.

Last year was better than the year before and this year I am determined to have a calm and connected Christmas without a lot of last minute tasks.

Back in October, I got together with my dear friend Rebecca McLoughin, a spiritual theracoach ( therapist + coach) who is the queen of intentional living. We both have a tendency to overdo things, but also see how if we go too far in the beauty, perfection, celebration direction, then we miss out on the calm connection. The key for us is balance.

So here’s what we did, and what I want you to do today.

  1. Get clear on how you want to feel. What’s the vibe you want in your house? I wanted to feel joyful, playful, calm, and connected.
  2. Write down everything you wanted to do on a spreadsheet. This should include all of the things you think you “should do” even if you don’t want to. Include, presents, parties, gatherings with friends, decorating your house, travel plans, buying outfits for the kids, special date with your partner, any activities you want to do with your kids, Christmas cards, haircut, manicure, shopping days, wrapping paper purchasing, wrapping time. Get it all on paper.
  3. Review that list and ask if you do all of these things will you feel how you want to feel?
  4. Take all things off the list that aren’t in alignment and commit to NOT PUTTING THEM BACK ON ON DECEMBER 23RD.
  5. Schedule all of the activities in your calendar.
  6. Review AGAIN. Does your calendar feel too full? Are there things you want to save for next year? Maybe you want to skip a Christmas party and go on a date with 2 girlfriends. Maybe you want to keep the kids home from school one day and make cookies. Maybe you want to start a new tradition of having Christmas dinner in your PJs and making pancakes so you aren’t stressed about doing a fancy meal. You get to decide. You get to prioritize vibes over perfection.
  7. Every day, ask yourself, am I creating the energy I want to create? Am I feeling the way I want to feel? Why or why not?

I often think about the memories I want my kids to have and the memories I want to have of my kids when they were little. I know that if I take them to the Nutcracker and I am a stressed out exhausted bitch with a short fuse, that’s what they will remember. But if I take them to the Nutcracker and I’m twirling in the aisles and acting like a kid myself, they will remember how magical it was.

Repeat after me: How you are BEING is more important than what you are DOING.

Happy Moonday and Happy Planning, my love.



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