How This Lunar Eclipse Can Help You Answer This Sacred Inquiry: What the F*ck!


We just experienced a Full moon Eclipse in Taurus this morning, and I want to share about how I use eclipse medicine in my life, both for growth and transformation but also to answer the question that has been on my mind a lot lately… what the fuck?

Although eclipses can sometime feel chaotic or life your life is being torn apart 🥴  you can look at it as a sacred reorganization of your life, and a tool for growth.

While I use the 29 day moon cycle to mark time and growth in my monthly life, I use eclipses to mark longer spances of time (it’s roughly 6 months in between eclipses).

The last eclipses we had were in early June. These eclipses marked the end of one cycle (that started in December 2020) and the beginning of another. So we are completing a cycle that started June 10th.

Here’s the cool thing. Eclipses come in pairs (sometimes in 3s!). It is a lunar eclipse on a full moon, and a solar eclipse on a new moon. These two moons are two weeks apart. The time in between the full moon lunar eclipse (today) and the new moon solar eclipse (on December 4th) is the transition between cycle we are leaving, and the cycle we are beginning. It’s like the birth canal, the gateway, the tunnel, the liminal space between one season of your life and another.

SO, think back to what was happening in early June. Can you name or write down the major themes in your life from June until now?

For me it’s been a time of great letting go. I’ve had to let go of friends, let go of the way I’ve done business and many team members as a result, I’ve had to look at toxic relating patterns that I was creating, and my health completely deteriorated.

In the moment, it was excruciating, but since I met each death with the knowing that my life is a mystery school, and on the other side of death is always birth, I’m able to trust (most of the time) that I am being shaped.

And now my life is completely different, just in time for another cycle!

The next two weeks we have an opportunity to fully let go of any lingering patterns or life situations that are tying us to the past six months so we can start a new cycle on the solar eclipse on December 4th.

Remember, the real message of fall is that we have to let go of things in order to nourish (dead leaves turn into compost) new life.

And a Sacred Feminine practice teaches us that our growth as humans is reflected in nature. Our inner emotional world is mimicked for us in the cycles of the moon and nature.

This eclipse being in Taurus asks us to look at our relationship to pleasure, beauty and our comfort with elegance. I have been going through a massive reclaiming of this energy.

This is a really powerful time, and you won’t regrets taking 15 minutes to journal.

Here are some questions:

1. What was happening for you in early June?
2. What has been the major life themes of the past six months?
3. What do you want to fully release in the next two weeks in order to complete this last cycle of your life?
4. What do you want to cultivate and create in the next six months cycle?
5. What actions do you want to take in the next two weeks in order to set up the next six months cycle for success?

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