How to Manifest With the Moon. Are you working with the moon cycle?

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My love, did you know that the Moon has feminine energy, so as women, we are uniquely connected to it? I want to talk to you about how you can work with the moon cycle to manifest your deepest desire and create the life you’re actually meant to live. 

Think of it this way…

The Sun is masculine energy; it rises and sets at basically the same time every day. It stays in one zodiac sign (Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, etc) for almost a month. When you hear people say, “I’m a Cancer, I’m a Saggitarius” they are saying what zodiac sign the sun was lined up within the sky the day they were born. The sun is steady and dependable.

The Moon is feminine energy; it rises and sets at very different times every day. It goes through a zodiac sign every 2.5 days making its energy ever-changing. It’s mysterious and instills wildness and magic.

Here’s what’s cool: The Sun goes through a whole cycle in 365 days, while the Moon goes through a whole cycle in 29.5 days. Meaning it goes from New to Full to New again in less than a calendar month. We have 13 Moon cycles in a year, which is why 13 is such a sacred number (and why the patriarchy rebranded it as an unlucky number).

Many of us are already on board with one aspect of cyclical living; we set intentions on New Year’s Day, the “beginning” of the Sun’s cycle, which is technically the day after the Winter Solstice around December 22, the shortest day of the year, making the day after the day the sun returns, but same.

What I want to teach you is how to harness the power of New Year’s Day every month and use the moon phases to track and support your growth.


4 Steps to Manifesting with the Moon

First of all, when I say “manifest” I mean the marriage of intention and action. Yes, I have had times when I’ve asked for something like someone to help me with my farm and that person magically appears, but mostly my “manifesting” is about identifying how I want to grow in my life and going through the steps to make it happen.

Here are the different phases of the Moon and what to do during each phase.

Dark Moon: I go into “dark moon” mode 1-3 days before the New Moon. I treat this time as the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Think about how when you close your eyes in the dark, your inner voice starts to come out. It’s a time to be quiet, to listen for guidance, and spend time alone. This is when we gather ideas and information that will inform your New Moon intentions.

New Moon: New Moon is the first sliver of light on the Moon’s face after the dark moon. It’s like the first sprouts of spring: the signs are small but the excitement is BIG. This is the New Year energy, the fresh start, the burst of energy of having a new beginning, a clean slate. Some say you can set New Moon intentions up to 3 days after the New Moon but I always set intentions on the day of the New Moon. This is one of the most potent moments in the moon cycle for this community because we gather inside our Holy Woman membership for New Moon Ceremonies. These Ceremonies take place online and in-person, live-streamed from my Temple in Massachusetts. (And just a side note, if you would like to be in Ceremony with me in person, there is no additional cost to attend beyond your low monthly membership payment. Our next Ceremony is on June 19.)

Waxing Moon: This phase lasts for 2 weeks. It is when the Moon is gaining more and more light every day, meaning it’s getting “bigger” and closer to Full. This energy supports us in creating clear action steps toward our intention, executing those steps, and gaining momentum and excitement. This is the time to do the work of doing our part in moving towards our intention.

Waxing Quarter: This day happens in the middle of the waxing phase, about one week after the New Moon and a week before the Full Moon. I find at this time a big “lesson” is thrown at me. It’s like the Universe is giving me some information to help me on my path or testing me to see if I’m serious about my intentions.

Full Moon: The most famous of the Moon phases, this is a day when women would gather and do magic and rituals. It was a time to gather and dance in the woods and revel in our wildness. In the personal growth cycle, it’s a time to check in, recommit to your intention, see how it’s going, and most importantly, notice what patterns or habits are getting in your way. Once you’ve identified what you want to release so that your intention can come to fruition, this is a great time to write down what those things are and burn them in a ritual of releasing them from your system. Just light a small piece of paper over your toilet, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Inside Holy Woman, our community gathers for sister-sharing circles on the Full Moon to check in on their moon cycle intentions and release what’s no longer serving. 

Waning Moon: This phase lasts for 2 weeks from when the Moon is full to when it is new again. Now the Moon is losing light every day, encouraging you to hone your actions more and more by continuing to identify and release what isn’t serving you. This is often when the hard work of co-creating comes up. Releasing what is holding you back is always much harder than doing the fun work of building something new.

Waning Quarter: This day happens in the middle of the waning phase, about one week after the Full Moon and a week before the New Moon. This is a day to have another check-in with yourself. Are you still moving in the direction of your intention? Do you need to shift or adjust your intention? Is there anything big you need to release?

Dark Moon (once more): A time of rest and going into the darkness of your intuition. What went well about your manifesting process this month? What didn’t? Ask for guidance from your inner knowing about what you need to know about moving forward.

That’s it! Let’s go through a potential example…

New Moon: Intention: I want to make $10,000.

Waxing: Here are the steps I have to take to make $10,000:

  • Be a good steward of the money I have, get organized, pay my bills, and know what I have coming in and out.
  • Get 3 clients
  • Post about what I do on social media
  • Email 15 potential clients and follow up twice
  • Email 20 friends and ask them to recommend me
  • Find and go to 3 networking events
  • Apply for 2 backup jobs in case I can’t make 10K through new clients

Waxing quarter: I get a client but they don’t want to pay in full. I notice that this is a chance for me to own my worth and tell them that my prices aren’t negotiable. They sign up anyways, win!

Full Moon: Celebrate the 3 clients I’ve signed. Identify the habits that are keeping me from signing more clients…

  • Not starting work until 10:30 am after I get sucked into the Instagram hole
  • Feelings of unworthiness and feeling like I’m a fraud
  • Clients don’t seem to get what I’m about
  • I’m scared of marketing, I feel too salesy

Get clear on what you’re releasing…

  • Taking Instagram off my phone and not going on until my lunch break
  • I release my feelings of unworthiness
  • I release being fuzzy about my offerings and call in clarity
  • I release the belief that marketing is salesy and I embrace that I am being of service.

Waning Moon: I practice not going on Instagram every day. Sometimes I slip up, but it’s becoming more of a habit. I tell myself that I am great at what I do and I am helping people. I am taking a marketing course and learning how to be a good communicator about my services and help my potential clients with their struggles.

Waning Quarter: My friend challenges what I do, and I have a chance to decide if I’m going to believe her or stick with my own inner knowing. I notice that I set an intention to release unworthiness, so this is an opportunity to check in with myself!

Dark Moon: Taking a pause, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. I made 8K this month, pretty close! What can I do better next Moon cycle? Be more focused when I’m working, and work on seeing myself as my best and most confident self.

This is why I love working with feminine principles. Because built into this “woo woo” business of the moon, there is a very practical process of personal growth that keeps us honest, accountable, on track, and intentional about our lives and where we’re going.

If you’ve never worked with the moon cycle before, your next steps are to look up the current phase of the Moon (use Google or the iLuna app) and take note of when the next New Moon is. I can’t wait to hear about how it goes!

If you want a group of women to do this with, join Holy Woman. We meet every New Moon for Ceremony to set intentions and do some magic to help us get super clear on what we need to do in order to step into our fully expressed selves and the best version of who we are. We’d all love to have you join.

“As soon as the Ceremony started, I just immediately started to cry – and I am not a crier. I could feel the energetic shift instantly. This was my first New Moon Ceremony and it was more profound than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful to be part of this community.”

AMANDA, new Holy Woman member




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