How’s Your Summer Going?

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Hi love,

Happy August. July was such an incredible month. I started the month with my Ordination in England then met the whole Jenks crew in Italy for a wedding. We spent a week at home then took the kids to Maine with the Northrup-Watts crew for a magical beach week and then I was just in Malibu for a retreat!

Last summer during this time I was in the hospital, so the contrast is mind-blowing. As I was sitting in my hospital bed, hooked up to heart monitors, I vowed that I was going to consciously create the most epic summer in 2022, and I did.

I’ve had to work through a lot of “who am I too…” as I’ve been expanding how much joy and freedom I’m allowing myself to experience this summer. I find that feeling happy requires way more inner work than feeling a little like sh*t all the time, and I’m here for it.

How’s your summer going? Are you really soaking it in or just getting by?

What would make August the most amazing month?

How do you want to feel?

Who do you want to spend time with?

What would be a crazy amazing thing that could happen?

What are some things you loved to do in the summer as a kid? How could you re-create that in August?

If you really did have the most mind-blowing August — what are you worried would happen? What are you worried people would say about you?

I used to believe that people would judge me, or talk about me behind my back… and you know what? They were doing that anyways — even when I was living at half-mast. So I figured if people were going to be mean no matter what, I might as well go for it.

And the people who’ve got me, celebrate the crap out of me and even join me on vacation!

Go have a blast, my love. You deserve it.




PS. I’m making a special announcement on Instagram soon, stay tuned!


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