I considered giving up…



I remember it like it was yesterday. I was curled up in the fetal position on my tiny couch in our 300 square foot studio. There was a homeless man yelling outside my window and a mouse had just scurried across my minuscule kitchen. The only thing left in my college-sized refrigerator was a bunch of wilty kale because I had just polished off an entire pint of coffee ice cream, left over general tsao’s chicken and half a bottle of white wine.

I was in Body Jail, only I didn’t know it.  

I felt sick, numb, scared and hopeless. Why couldn’t I just get a handle on my eating? Why was this such a struggle for me? I never thought about ending my life, but I certainly considered giving up on being happy. Maybe this was just the way I was going to be… miserable, fat, boring, broke and in a constant struggle.

  • I was down to one client.
  • I was the side gig queen (part-time employee Anthropologie + personal assistant).
  • My savings was dwindling.
  • I was about to give up on my dream of being a health coach, move in with my parents and get a REAL job.

Nothing was going right and I blamed it all on my body.
Why would anyone want to work with me? Why would my boyfriend want to marry me? Why would anyone want to be my friend? I was so chubby, ugly and insecure.   

I fantasized about walking into a room of women in size 4 jeans, a cheery smile on, an acne free face and being bombarded by women wanting to work with me. I want what she has, they would think. I dreamt of the day I actually wanted to be naked in front of my man, feeling sexy and feminine in nothing but his shirt (instead of barely being able to button it). I longed to have the urge to go to yoga, to make meditation a daily routine and actually craved salad. I envisioned making so much money that I could buy whatever I wanted and travel the world.  

And my weight was stealing all of that from me.

I had to get free, NOW!

I could feel the anger bubbling up from my gut. WHY WAS I STUCK IN THIS HIDEOUS BODY?! WHY DID GOD HATE ME SO MUCH?! WHY COULDN’T I JUST GET MY SH*T TOGETHER!? WHY WHY WHY?! I cried and screamed and punched the couch. I dug my nails into my thighs with such hatred, I left purple welts.  

In my mind it was simple: just cut out gluten, dairy and sugar for a month, go to the gym every day and I’d lose weight. Then my life would be completely different. All the things I wanted so bad were just a diet away. How hard could that be? Apparently, virtually impossible since I’ve been stuck in this rut for over a decade.  

use-this-pic-for-sm-post-directions-in-the-email-docBut I couldn’t let go of the diet and that promise that everything could be better if I just figured out this one part of my life.  It was all I could think about and being thin was all that I wanted.  

Yet, on the couch that night with a pile of tissues filling up the empty pint of coffee ice cream on the floor, something made me go deeper. Underneath the diets and the deep desire to be thin, was a quiet, clear, steady voice of reason. She told me that I didn’t need to try harder, I needed to give up, and try something different. Instead of tightening up my hiking boots and continuing up the mountain, I needed to turn around and take a different path.  

I sat up and wrote down a different plan.  A plan that didn’t involve restriction, hatred and force, but a plan that focused on fun, adventure, soul searching, prayer and ease.  

That plan got me out of body jail and resulted in business success, a proposal, a thirty pound weight loss and lots of joy – all within a few months. And what’s amazing is that I now travel when I want to (with and without my kids), I love being naked in front of my husband (I don’t even need his shirt) and people do tell me all the time that they “want what I have”. But none of this is because I figured out how to stick to my diet or because I’m a size 4 (I’m not). It’s because I’ve created a very specific lifestyle that results in getting the exact life (in many ways a better life) that I thought I needed to lose weight to have, and what’s amazing is that this same lifestyle is what has lead me to have my ideal body.

Now, don’t just take my word for it, thousands of women have already adopted this lifestyle and have gotten out of body jail, you can read some of their stories here on this page.  

I’m hosting a free workshop to teach you this exact plan I used and thousands of my clients have used to get out of a rut, get their life on track and have their ideal body called: Get Out Of Body Jail. You can click here to reserve your spot.

At the end of the workshop, I have an invitation for you to go deeper with me in my signature program, Live More Weigh Less Mastery plus an early enrollment gift that you have to attend the workshop live to receive.  

This year’s early enrollment gift includes:

  • A gift for your spirit that I’ve been working on just for you for months designed to build clarity, courage and action to create a life of purpose, femininity and joy
  • Products for radiating your beauty and feeling deeply nourished
  • A tool you can use everyday to ground yourself in self-care
  • Money to go shopping at my favorite store
  • Total Value: $300

Looking forward to seeing you there.


P.S. Get Out of Body Jail is totally 100% free. If you feel like you’ve tried everything else and still…something is not working…this one’s for you.

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