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I found your permission slip.  It’s right here. Baked into this whole corona experience. This is your permission slip to choose a new life.

I meet women every day in my programs and in my life who feel trapped…

  • They are a lawyer because their father was a lawyer
  • They are married to an asshole because they don’t believe they deserve better
  • They are the primary breadwinner and the primary parent because they don’t think their partner is capable of helping
  • They can’t see themselves making money because they didn’t come from money
  • They blend in to not make others uncomfortable
  • They live in a town they hate because they don’t want to hurt their mother’s feelings by moving away

They are waiting for permission to change.

Most of us want our perceived barriers to just fall, for your father to tell you, “you don’t have to be a lawyer.” Or your husband to say, “I’m sorry for yelling and controlling you, tell me how you need me to be”.

But the process of speaking up and choosing a new life is the training that prepares you for the life you are stepping into (read that again, please).

You are never going to get a permission slip from the people you worry about hurting.  But you are getting one right now.

This corona time is the Universe giving you permission, a window to change.

And I’m not saying to start creating a new life now, that’s impossible, it’s nuts out there. What I’m saying is to start seeing yourself as a woman who is going to break the rules.  Because permission’s been granted.

Imagine yourself a year from now… wearing what you want, doing what you want, getting plenty of rest, speaking your mind, feeling joy everyday and loving your body… and imagine yourself running into Karen at the grocery store, and with a snide remark she says,

“Oh, heeeey… LOOK at you. You’re so different. Oh, you quit your job? Just went to Paris? Must be nice…”

And you can say, “Well, when Coronavirus hit and I thought we were all going to die, I took the time to ask myself what I really wanted, and I realized life was too short to have a life that wasn’t really mine.”

Don’t hold yourself back because you’re worried about an awkward conversation in the grocery store with someone you don’t even like.  Don’t hold yourself back to have the same life as your parents.  Don’t hold yourself back because you’re worried about outgrowing your partner.

What would your life look like if you didn’t hold anything back?

If you want to go deeper into how this time is a portal to a new life, and exactly what you need to do to shift from living for everyone else to living a juicy, self-expressed, soul-led life…watch this video.

In the meantime, you’ve been given permission to create whatever life you want. Are you going to take it?



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