I Want to Live a World Where the Sacred Woman is a Highly Valued Person

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I want to live a world where the Sacred Woman is a highly valued, highly respected, highly sought after, highly paid person.

I want to live in a world where people walk in to the doctors office and ask “which of the physicians has a sacred practice?”

“Which one of these venture capitalists is also Priestess?”

“Who in your company is a Wisdom Keeper?”

I want people to respect Priestesses the same way we respect doctors, lawyers and CEOs.

Because I know that women who are connected to their sacred feminine wisdom make better decisions, are always thinking about the good of all, have incredible foresight, are extremely innovative and can manifest incredible things out of thin air.

When I look at the world now, even though the Feminine is rising, and there are more Sacred Women who are out than ever before, I still see us hiding in the shadows, and being pushed to the fringes of society.

I see women who are in mainstream professions hide the fact that they are a Sacred Woman because they fear it will make them seem less trustworthy or less respectable.

I see women who are doing sacred work as their profession charge as if their work doesn’t matter. They don’t walk with the same swagger as a professor or an investment banker even though their work is just as important.

Our society is never going to honor the feminine unless we own that our feminine gifts are important and deserve respect. I want us to brag about it, to own how valuable we are.

We have to step forward, come out of hiding and operate in the world seeing ourselves as an important part of our evolution.

Your sacredness, your feminine gifts, your connection to the unseen world – it’s your most useful tool, it’s what makes everything work. It’s the magic in your music, the wonder of your food, the genius of your strategy, the power in your impact.

When you step into the frequency of being the
Highly Valued
Sought After
Well Paid
Most Respected
Status Holding
Sacred Woman

the world will respond in ways that have been unimaginable to you.
I’m gathering a Council of women who are called to step into this archetype of leader. If you feel called, send me a DM.

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