We have been ignited (a spiritual reflection on the election + offering support)



I never used to be into politics. It left me uncharged, flat. It’s something that I’ve carried a lot of shame for – not my views, but my lack of views.

I also hung onto the age old excuse, what can I do about it anyways? I was just one small woman in a country of millions who had a lot more power than me. And my privilege (I say that with gratitude, not embarrassment) allowed me to remain untouched and in a bubble.

This week, I couldn’t have felt more different.  

There are so many layers to this election: political, emotional, moral… all of them obviously important. Today, I want to touch on the spiritual, not in the absence of the importance of the real on the ground ramifications of this elections, but to put words to a feeling that so many of us are tapping into.

My community of friends and I have been feeling the rising of the feminine for quite some time. It’s been bubbling just below the surface for years and has been working it’s way more and more to everyone’s everyday life. The feminine is about love, inclusion, flow, creativity and being directly connected to the divine. She is as fierce as Kali and as soft as the Great Mother.

Many of us saw the potential of having a female president and thought, YES the Goddess is here! This new way of being as a society and in the world is changing. Even though many of us saw that Hillary didn’t embody many of those qualities, we had to believe that she was a representative of a new life.

And then there’s Trump. A man who so graciously showed us every single shadow of our society so it was right in our face, no longer possible to ignore. And he won.

And when I saw that red line cross the threshold on my CNN app at 1am in San Francisco, something in me was activated. Something was activated in all of us, and many many people felt it.

It wasn’t just about being annoyed that our candidate didn’t win, it was a feeling like life, and our responsibility as a human, in this specific place in time, will never be the same. We are being called to wake the f**k up.

I read this yesterday and it shook me to my core:

My sisters of the Goddess Rising (that’s you), I feel you, I am with you. We are in this together. Lifetimes of training has led us to this moment here and now. The next level of our divine assignment has been ignited! And we are ready for activation. – Goddess Rising

There is so much to grieve in this election, and I can’t help but see the silver lining of this wake up call. The fire that has been lit, I believe, can spur incredible change if we harness our own unique gifts, stop brushing things under the rug and get into action.

Here is my invitation to you: Know Yourself and BE Yourself. So many of us have strong beliefs about love, inclusion, race, spiritual, sexism, and yet often we keep our mouths shut.  We let other people say an off-handed comment without challenging them. Or we let the business of everyday life steal our energy from connecting with those who need us. When we do this we are preventing the spread of unconditional love, and halting the evolution of our culture.

The days of not wanting to rock the boat are over. We have spent too long prioritizing other things above our soul’s purpose. We can no longer be driven by our mortgage payments, our mom guilt, our fear over what our husband, parents or friends might think of us if we actually come out as who we truly are.  

Because when you get real, when you come out as your raw, imperfect, wild, wise, activated self, you will tap into an endless well of energy to be of service AND finally get how important it is to take care of yourself so that you can create the change that your soul longs to make.

Take this election as permission to finally do what you know you came to this planet to do. We cannot, and will not be a country where racism, misogyny and hate are swept under the rug and ignored.    

If you have no idea what you came here to do, that’s where I come in. A big part of my calling that is being activated right now is to teach women how to tap into their soul’s blueprint, your purpose, and your calling.

And to stop trying to be the pretty, quiet girl so many of us were trained to be.  

To honor this poignant time of spiritual activation and momentum, I am offering a pay what you can day for my program Live More Method: a self-study audio program and community where you’ll uncover your soul’s blueprint and make it a reality now through guided visualization, ritual and strategic coaching and life design. This program is deep, intense and will ask you to get so incredibly, uncomfortably real.

100% of proceeds will be donated to a cause that empowers young women to speak up for what they believe in, loosen the grip on perfection and know the true source of their worth. I am currently looking for an organization that is already working in schools. If you know of one, please email me.

This program is priced at $497 and I’m asking you give the amount that will make you feel committed and on the hook to complete it. You can learn more about the program and pay what you can here:

Don’t ignore this, don’t smooth it over, don’t think that someone else will do the work for you. You know what you are capable of, and we need you to show up in whatever way you are called.

Holding you to fire,


P.S. You are so much more special and unique than you realize. You were put here to do something specific, and great. We are being asked to stop hiding who were are. Listen. Click here to receive Live More Method: you name the price.


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