Imagine a Flower Trying To Bloom In Winter…

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I wonder if Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. is just a resistance to the medicine of winter.

I’m sure there are a few extreme cases where a person’s chemistry gets out of whack due to a lack of vt D, but the truth is that humans have evolved to thrive in darkness.

Here in New England, the nights are the longest they will be all year. The land looks dead, and you can’t hear any birds. When the snow falls, you’ll be able to hear a pin drop. Everything has stopped.

We have forgotten how connected we are to the Earth. The same current that runs through the underground psyllium and through the cold air, runs through our neurons and capillaries. We are basically walking trees.

Yet, we think that it is early spring, all the time!

We want to bounce out of bed at 6am ready to take on the day.

We want to finish the year strong and make as much money as we can.

We want to think of new ideas and get a head start on 2021 projects.

And when we don’t live at this pace, we think there must be something wrong with us, and so we come up with a diagnosis to pathologize being affected by the winter.

Beloved, you are affected by the winter, and it is not a disorder, it is glorious.

The medicine of these dark months pulls us into our inner cave. It allows for our bodies and our brains to rest. In the lethargy of our bodies we find ourselves curled up on the couch, more available to sort through our thoughts or catch a small lip quiver of sadness from our child that we would’ve normally missed.

When you are still, creativity can come in. Spirits have a better chance of you seeing the signs they’ve been sending all year. Your life becomes a mystery school, and less of a race.

Moonday Journaling Questions:

What can pause until spring time?

How can you allow yourself the space to be tired?

Can you embrace being slow and needing more sleep?

Where do you feel pressure to be “on”, can you choose to give yourself permission to be “off”?

Seasonal living can feel selfish or impossible, but you have more choice than you realize. We are the Earth, we have seasons too, and when we ignore them, we get sick. Think about a flower trying to bloom in winter? It will barely make it past the sprout. Instead, lay dormant in your cave, and when the time is right, you’ll have all the energy in the world to bloom.



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