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When you’re a woman who is actively engaged in creating a big, beautiful life for yourself, it can sometimes feel like you’re riding the edge of sanity.

We want full lives, but with full lives come plenty of responsibility and inevitable stress.

In order to move past coping into genuine thriving, there’s one thing that makes all the difference: Being in community with other ambitious women who are also devoted to creating beautiful, meaningful lives.

This is why in 2013, I partnered with one of my best friends, Nisha Moodley, to create our first ever Live Free Retreat.

We wanted to create a space where women could come to soak up clear and thoughtful strategies for success, while soaking up some sun and sisterhood as well.

We knew that the community was going to be amazing based on the excitement in the Facebook group, but what happened at Live Free was beyond what we could have imagined. Women landed 6-figure book deals, sold houses, fell in love, finally got divorced, found deep love for their bodies, and catapulted their business success.


Here’s a video we put together, featuring some of these amazing women.

In the past, Live Free has been a few days long, and quite an investment. This year, we decided to cut the price by 75%, and do it all in one day, leaving you with the rest of the weekend to connect with the women you’ve met and integrate all you’ve learned. We only do this once a year, and this year, it’s more accessible than ever.

This is what we are going to be covering during our one-day retreat:

Sharpen Your Vision
Recommit to a vision (or develop a new one) that inspires you and calls you forward. Vision is the first and one of the most important components of feeling alive and on-purpose.

Build the Structure & Support for Success
Without the right systems in place, anyone would feel like a chicken with their head cut off. By building out the systems that provide structure and support in your life and business, there’s more space in your life for what you love.

Cultivate Deep Faith & Commitment to Your Path
Without a connection to our calling and a deep sense of trust, we’ll always second guess our actions. By merging the strategic with the spiritual, we truly integrate ambition and ease, and find it easier to wake up every day and do with work with a sense of spaciousness and devotion.

Develop a Brand That Stands Out
We will teach you the things that have made the biggest difference for ourselves and our clients, when it comes to creating a brand that stands out, calls people in, and fulfills on its promise.

Live Coaching with Sarah & Nisha
We’ll spend the last part of the day digging into your personal challenges and desires, to ensure that you leave the day feeling clear, confident, and fully committed to your path.

Unless you already live in San Francisco, we know it’s a lot to ask you to come visit us. But we wouldn’t ask if we couldn’t deliver, and we know that what you’ll get from being in the community – not to mention all the valuable teachings – is worth every penny you invest.

Since our event is on a Thursday, you’ll have two or three days to explore the beautiful bay area with the women you’ll meet at Live Free or your other half if he/she is tagging along. Think wine tasting, incredible restaurants, hiking, beautiful weather, great shopping and some of the most famous sites in the world.

There are just 2 weeks to register, so if there are any questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out by replying to this email.


Sarah & Nisha

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