New Moon, New Year, New You Circle @ Hawthorn Farm


The New Year is almost here and with it an opportunity to start fresh. Goal setting can often feel robotic and empty. We only focus on how much money we want to make or how much weight we want to lose – empty promises that leave us feeling guilty and lazy for not sticking to them.

But in this time of year when the days are starting to get a bit longer each day, and the Sun is in the organized and goal-oriented energy of Capricorn, we are uniquely positioned to rewrite our story and reset our path.

It’s natural to get off the course of your soul, or to realize that you’ve never quite aligned with your truth, but it’s never too late, and this is the perfect time to choose you.

If you’re clear that 2019 is the year that you choose to get on your soul’s path and create a life that is a reflection of who you are instead of a whirlwind of obligation and “shoulds,” then I would love for you to join me in the Moon Lodge at Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA, on Monday, January 7th, at 7:30pm. You’ll gather with other women in circle, draw a line in the sand, and claim 2019 as the year of YOU.

I can’t wait to be with you. You can save your spot here:



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