Stop Practicing and Start Performing: A message for 2020


On Friday, we have the first New Moon of 2020 (and the Chinese New Year!), which I’m choosing to honor as the official start to the new year. This has all just been warm up!

New Moons (the first sliver of light after a dark moon which happen every 29.5 days) are a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, so it makes sense that the past few weeks have really been about wrapping up 2019 and shedding our old, too tight skin, as I wrote about last week.

Here is my 2020 message for you as we embark on a near year together:

I believe that this is the year we find the bravery and resolve to show up as the person you’ve been getting to know and discovering over the past 7 years.

Think back to the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.  This was prophecized as the “end of days”, the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the Aquarian Age which many called the Great Awakening.  This was the time I started my Priestess training and began to remember that I am a sacred being. It was the time that many were waking up to their own magic lineages, making major life changes, and starting to wonder if we were meant to do more than just fulfill the expectations of our culture.

In the years since, many of us felt alone, weird, and like the black sheep.  Alone, we suffered in silence, not wanting to be found out, desperately trying to be satisfied with acting “normal”.  For some of us, we stepped out as leaders and claimed that it’s ok to be who you truly are, and now many us have felt so seen and held by witnessing others stand in their unique power, that we’ve felt brave enough to “come out of the broom closet”.  We’ve seen the rise and normalization of Tarot, Astrology and Witchcraft, Ancestral work, and other Ancient Mysteries.

Things move in 7 year cycles, and I’ve noticed in my own life that things do seem to begin and complete or evolve after 7 years.

We are seven years into the Aquarian Age, so what does Chapter 2 look like?

We are beginning this chapter during a time of great polarity. On one hand, there is more acceptance, technological advances, and opportunities for evolution, and on the other, we are seeing embolden acts of White Supremacy, war, hunger and incredible destruction of our planet.

I feel as if it couldn’t get any worse, and the problems are so obvious and blatant that we can’t ignore them, think they’ll go away on their own, or pretend that someone else is going to take care of it for us.

These events are an initiation that will determine our future on this planet. The Earth is going to survive no matter what, she has come back from much worse, but our place here isn’t guaranteed.  This is a turning point.

Imagine there were trillions of souls dying (haha) to be born during this time in history, but only a small percentage were chosen to embody because they had what was required to usher humanity into the next chapter of our existence.

I believe that you are one of the few who were chosen.  I believe that every person alive today has the potential to play a part in the evolution of our planet and you have been training for lifetimes for this particular Earth Walk.  But you have to realize that potential. You have to remember the piece of the puzzle you carry inside your heart and do the work to see where you fit into this great awakening.

2020 is the year to look forward and see your part clearly.

I invite you to zoom out, and consider that you have been in training your whole life, and more intensely the past 7 years, and you have just entered the arena where you are being asked to play the game you came here to play.

This is important:  It’s time to stop practicing, and start performing. This is opening night, you may not feel ready, but the world needs to see what you’ve got.

I believe that the Sacred Feminine has re-awakened to serve as sacred technology to help us get out from under the heavy foot of patriarchy, shed our cultural conditioning, and remember who we really are.  The more we lean into the wisdom of the moon, remember ancient practices, gather in circle and consider that we are souls having a human experience, the more we can access our power and show up in our full potential.

Journaling Questions: Take some time under the New Moon on Friday to get clarity on the following…

If your life has been a training, what were you training for?

What is the piece of the puzzle you hold?

What does it look like for you to show up for opening night (or insert other resonant analogy here) of your life?

I can’t wait to witness how you step in.



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