Why I’ve given up on being organized for the holidays

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I decided to give up on being organized for the holidays this year (to be clear I am literally never organized, but I have just completely surrendered that it’s never gonna happen for me), and instead, I’m focusing on letting the chaos be wild and juicy and alive.

I’ve decided that the holidays aren’t about the activities — they are about a state of mind. We’ve been eating dinner by candlelight, workdays spent under a blanket, long tea & chats with friends… Everything is feeling slow and potent.

Tomorrow’s new moon is a beautiful alchemy of Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Mercury going retrograde.

In our Holy Woman Astrology Oracle, Tami Brunk and I discussed that this alchemy is a deep inner journey of what it means to feel wild and alive.

Last weekend Jonathan and I spent four days in Costa Rica with some of the most inspiring juicy and beautiful people. It was a very outward, fun trip, and as I’ve been coming home, I’ve been asking myself…

How can my insides, my inner life, feel like that time in Costa Rica?

What is here for me to discover about myself?

What are my own edges that I am being called to touch?

How can I deepen into grief?

How can I let down my walls even more?

For me, this process only happens in Sacred Feminine Ceremony, so I am so excited to dive into our inner cosmos tomorrow with the Holy Women at our Holy Night New Moon & Winter Solstice Ceremony.

If you want to join us just click here. Joining our spiritual community only takes five minutes.

Today, under this dark moon, I want you to notice where you’re feeling, boxed in, restricted, and flat.

What is seemingly in the way of your wildness? In the way of your aliveness?

What would it take for you to let that go so we can start fresh under the New Moon tomorrow?

Happy Moonday, my love!

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