November Full Moon Circle: Sink Into Pleasure


We started a beautiful tradition in October when 70 women gathered under the Aries Full Moon at the Moon Lodge at Hawthorn Farm. We released our masks, called in our deepest desires, danced and made new friends. It was so fun, and so beautiful.

I can’t wait to gather again under the Full Moon in Taurus.

Taurus is all about earthly pleasures (think good food, beautiful music and long talks with friends). We are going to be sinking into the permission to receive the beauty of being alive, connecting with incredible women and identifying and releasing what keeps us spinning too fast to notice and enjoy ourselves.

Doing this work will be incredibly important as we move into the slower energy of late fall and winter combined with the cultural craziness of the holidays. Coming to this specific Full Moon Circle will really help you find your center so you can create a season of connection instead of chaos.

When you come on Friday, November 3rd, you’ll be greeted with tea and chocolate and some time to meet other like minded women. We’re going to open the circle with a Sound Healing by Lydia Erickson. If you’ve never experienced a Sound Healing before, you are going to DIE. It’s so amazing.

We’ll continue to build the magic with the rest of our Full Moon Circle. I can’t wait to share what I have planned.

I originally was charging $35 for this, but checked in with my intuition and am going to keep the price at $20.

To sign up, click here: REGISTER FOR THE FULL MOON CIRCLE.

Women of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual and religious paths gathered last month. This is a time for us to come together and celebrate our differences, learn from each other and just enjoy the company of other open, warm, deep women. I really hope you can come.

To register click here.

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