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Happy Scorpio New Moon.

Today’s Scorpio New Moon is a delicious earthquake here to crack open your dry, vanilla exterior to reveal the feral, hungry, dark woman inside.

If we are soft and allow her to shake away our rigidity, everything will fall away with ease.

If we hold onto control – the shaking will only get stronger.

I’ve been thinking about the intersection of “wanting” and “allowed to have” in my life – it seems that all my friends and clients are discovering things they’ve been hiding from themselves because they’ve never given themselves permission to want it – until now.

Our conditioning has taught us that our deep, unfettered desires can never be actualized – so why even allow ourselves to want them?

When one sprout of wanting pokes through, the scissors of “that’s not safe to have” come out to cut it down. And the wanting never has a chance to grow.

But here’s what I want you to know – allowing yourself to want what you want is a whole adventure in and of itself – even if you can never have it.

And, I will always be a champion for you having what you want – if it is meant for you.

Scorpio is all about the shadows – and what gems are hiding deep down in our vast cosmic souls. Scorpio holds the pain of the Witch Wound and the promise of redemption.

She is the “I don’t give a sh*t”, my life is MINE, I want what I want, I belong to me – part of you.

And tonight, at our Holy Woman Ceremony, we will be exploring how she lives in all of us – and what she has to say on *wanting*.

If you’re already in, I’ll see you there. It’s going to be extra juicy 🍑.

Happy New Moon my love.

What do you really *really* want?

I love you,


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