I promise, it’s important


I’m keeping it short today since I’ve already posted a blog post this week, but I wouldn’t be putting this out there if it wasn’t important.

Something weird and cool about my job these days is that people send me a lot of books to read, review and tell you about. And to be honest, I rarely get excited about a book enough to take time (mine and yours) to talk about it. But whoa, this one was an exception.

A few weeks ago Regena Thomashauer, a woman I respect so much, sent me an advanced copy of her new book, Pussy: A Reclamation, and I read it this week.

It’s bold.
It’s spiritual.
It’s political.
And it’s important. Really f*cking important.

In it, she talks about how distant we’ve become with our pussies (and about her choice of naming, I was hesitant but a total convert) and how detrimental this rejection is to our happiness, power and health.

Since reading her book I feel feminine, powerful, beautiful, fierce and magical. And I want this for you. I want this for my daughter, your daughter and women everywhere.

Not buying this book would be like buying ferrari and leaving it in the garage.

When you pre-order Pussy: A Reclamation, you will get a free ticket to Regena’s launch party hosted by Regena, Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, and Gabby Bernstein … you know, all my favorite people. You can do so here:

I know you are going to love it.


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