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Happy Moonday!

Can you feel the energy shifting?

We are heading towards the Spring Equinox, the celebration of new life, fertility, love, and planting new seeds of ideas, dreams, and desires.

I am so ready!

A big part of weaving the Sacred Feminine into our everyday lives is honoring and celebrating the wheel of the year, and as we get closer to this next High Holy Day, I will be sharing wisdom and ritual that you can do to work with this energy.

I get soooo many messages from people wondering where they can go to learn more about the Sacred Feminine, and particularly if there are any books or resources that I recommend checking out.

And of course, the answer is yes, I sure do.

In each of my programs, and especially inside of the Holy Woman community, we provide lists of recommended reading and resources to go deeper into all aspects of the Sacred Feminine — from retelling Herstory, to understanding our bodies & cycles, from abundance & money to relationships & sexuality, from astrology & the language of the universe to patriarchal trauma healing, and beyond.

So in an effort to have a more thorough & efficient way to answer this common question, AND because I want to be sure you all have an incredible library to dig into when you’re looking for more, we have compiled our master list of Sacred Feminine Books We Love.

Check out my list of Sacred Feminine resources!

Happy Reading!




P.S. If you have a favorite that I did not mention, I’d love to hear your recommendations. Just reply to this email!

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