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Sacred Feminine Books We Love

One of the top questions that I get in my DMs is:

“Do you have any book recommendations on where I can learn more about the Sacred Feminine?”

And of course, the answer is yes, I sure do.

In each of my programs, and especially inside of the Holy Woman membership, we provide lists of recommended reading and resources to go deeper into all aspects of the Sacred Feminine — from retelling Herstory, to understanding our bodies & cycles, from abundance & money to relationships & sexuality, from astrology & the language of the universe to patriarchal trauma healing, and beyond.

So in an effort to have a more thorough & efficient way to answer this common question, AND because I want to be sure you all have an incredible library to dig into when you’re looking for more, we have compiled our master list of Sacred Feminine Books We Love.

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“Sarah is encouraging people to shine their light and live their fullest purpose, it’s an incredible gift.”

Hilary Swank

Actress and film producer

“Sarah Jenks is a shining star in her industry. Her authenticity bleeds through every blog post, newsletter, coaching session and lecture. This woman walks her talk and is a power of example for us all.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

Author of “May Cause Miracles” and “Spirit Junkie”

“Sarah has truly cracked the code to having it all, through giving deeply to herself and the people in her world.”

“Most of us give until there’s nothing left. Sarah teaches us to give in a way that fuels our sense of freedom, fun and feeling fabulous!”

Kate Northrup

Author of "Money: A Love Story”

“Sarah is changing the way women think about their bodies. She is bright, savvy, caring and committed- your perfect champion for having a life and body you adore.”

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo, Founder of B-School

“In a sea of weight loss articles, shiny magazines and empty promises, Sarah is a needed breath of fresh air.”

Regena Thomashauer

Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena), author and founder of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

“I adore Sarah, and I have since the moment I met her. She embodies a spirit of intense dedication and generosity – a woman who is the epitome of a sexy wife, best friend and self-care maven.”

Nisha Moodly

Women's Leadership coach