Holy Woman Scholarship Request

I appreciate your interest in applying for a Holy Woman Scholarship! Please read the information below to be considered.


Sacred Start

Click here to sign up and download our free Sacred Start guide. Sacred Start is an important stepping stone of Holy Woman where I walk you through exactly how you can create a Sacred Start to your day. One that will set the foundation to be healthier, and happier, and have all of your dreams come true. Please note that you must sign up for this if you want to apply for a Holy Woman Scholarship based on financial need.

Scholarship Details

We offer a small number of full or partial ($24/month) scholarships for the Holy Woman membership. The Holy Woman scholarship is a 12-month scholarship that renews after 12 months at $58/month. Our current membership price is $99/month, so after your 12-month scholarship rate ends, you are still locked in at a reduced membership price. If you are awarded a scholarship, you have 6 months to accept or you will need to reapply. Please note, that once you have received a scholarship, you can not be awarded another.


Once you have reviewed Sacred Start, you can submit an application to be considered. Please click this link to complete the scholarship application. All applicants will be notified of your reward status via email. We review applications twice monthly.