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I’ve been thinking recently about how people can get weirded out by rituals and magic.  And how I still feel squeamish when I tell people I’m an aspiring Priestess.  Or how when people ask me what I do and I tell them I help people discover who they are through sacred feminine work I worry they’re going to run away…

Maybe you’re into it, but keep it a secret.  Maybe you are drawn to it but are scared to dive in.  Maybe you judge it completely. 

But, here’s the thing: Church has been a thing in our culture, and it’s not considered weird.  Church is all ritual.  Church is all magic (same with temples and mosques etc etc. but I’m going to speak from my own experience). 

Weddings: a ceremony.

Baby showers: a ceremony.

Graduations: a ceremony.

We need these ceremonies, rituals and temple times as portals or thresholds to cross over so we really FEEL the shift from one part of our lives to another. 

So can we all start to question why we get uncomfortable when we start to talk about the Sacred Feminine? Instead of trusting our internal gag reflex, can we wonder where that comes from?

In Whole Woman, I talk a lot about Patriarchal Brainwashing.  I talk about how our ancient practices were stolen from us. People were killed and enslaved for living with the seasons, herbal medicine, Shamanism, magic, midwifery and honoring a female God. This way of living was threatening to the few people in power because connecting with those energies is empowering. It encourages freedom, independent thinking and self agency.  People who are emboldened by their way of life, are not easily controlled.  They are WILD. 

For example, my ancestors were forced into a way of life that promoted that the female body was dirty and evil from the pulpit.  That having a period was shameful, and yet being infertile threatened abandonment from your community. Can you imagine the kind of confusion women experienced by being held in that lose / lose situation?

I’m sure you can! Because the threads of that are still alive today, but they’re so embedded in us that we don’t question them.

Like, why did I feel like I had to hide my tampons? 

Why do I equally feel so much pressure to be “sexy” but simultaneously feel arrogant for owning that part of myself?

Why do we all strive to be beautiful but are so mean to other women who are embodying what we want?

It’s f$&ked up!

And I believe this embedded oxymoron is designed ON PURPOSE to keep us in a constant start of striving and then shrinking.  Striving, shrinking, striving, shrinking, striving, shrinking.  And guess what happens when we’re in that pattern? 


Nothing happens!!!  We don’t take time to know who we really are. We don’t create what we really want. We don’t show up in our full power. We don’t do the thing we came here to do. 

We are distracted.

We are pliable.

We don’t question.

I am personally untangling the chords of my puritan DNA (why do you think my soul brought me back to New England?) and I am remembering the power of connecting with my Womanly Body, my feminine energy, my sensuality, my radiance and my wildness.  

The only way I’ve been able to repair this part of my being (especially after having three kids) is through Temple work, ceremony, women’s circles and ritual.  I can’t come at it from my thinking mind.  I can only start to draw out my natural wild energy through sacred technologies and practices that awaken our ancient DNA and our individual primal, soulful truth.

I believe that unlocking our sensual, feminine, wild nature (the expression of this is different for everyone), unlocks our power and potential.  If we are blocking that natural flow of energy, we are blocking clarity, abundance, life force and global change.

I’m hosting two different opportunities to awaken your creative, feminine, sensual spark FIRE:

The first is a Beltane Festival at Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA on Tuesday April 30th at 6pm.  Temple, flower crowns, dinner, bonfire, it’s going to be EPIC.  Like the best sacred party you’ve ever been too.  This one may be worth traveling in for. You can visit Boston and Salem and make a day out of it.

Space is limited so sign up today: Beltane Festival @Hawthon Farm Signup Page.

The second, is an Online Beltane Temple on Wednesday, May 1st at 2pm EST (also recorded) to sit in the potent frequency of this ancient celebration of fertility, sensuality, and growth.   You will locate your inner fire, gain clarity about your path and untie the brainwashing that keeps you from being the most unencumbered version of yourself.  It’s free, you can sign up here.  I’ll be taking 10-15 minutes at the end to talk about my Whole Woman membership program, but this is not a “sales call” it’s Temple with an info session at the end.

Sign up for the Online Beltane Temple HERE.

My intention is this sacred space will be deeply healing and I can’t wait to move through this portal into this full spring, fertile, sensual, wild energy.



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